more pics

my man... I love him and miss him so much
my family
another pic that I took that I just really like

life is so busy right now trying to keep my house super clean ALL the time, I am still working full time and home alone with the 5 kids.... so yeah not much time for anything else...the "this too shall pass" doesn't bring much comfort right now!


Nadine said…
Lovely pictures - your family is beautiful. I hope hubby gets home soon.
Dawn said…
No platitudes from here! I know how hard it is (not from personal experience, but from watching), how hard it is to cope with 5 children alone. I am thankful that you do have a husband who loves you, though!
MugwumpMom said…
that's cause it can't pass fast are always in my prayers

you've got quite the eye for photography...the marina pic and the earlier under the pier pic could easily be framed..

love you
claudia said…
Hey I met your inlaws. They were great! I loved spending time with Jason's family!!!
I wish you were here also.
Love you!

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