so my friend has gone back home...sigh.. I miss her and her sweet adorable little boys already! it was soooooooooooo great having her and my freezer is full of delicious home made soups ready to heat and serve so I don't have to cook at night if I don't want to! what a blessing she is! we are like family....change that.... we are family! even beyond our 2 families being married on both sides and sharing relatives, she is my family she is my friend and I love her entirely!

last night did I ever wish she was still here! I had PAC meeting last night, which I chair and I left all my notes and printed agenda's at work.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... and it was just a crazy day yesterday for some reason... one that you feel you are just stumbling through and I started training one of my 2 replacements... that's right I have hired 2 people to train for me job. My assistant is in the hospital and is very ill, I don't know how long she will be and I am very worried about her. In the meantime her desk was piling up and was facing doing 2 people's jobs on top of course being home alone with the 5 kids! ah yah a breakdown in the making?! so I have hired 2 people and we will figure out who goes where later :)

my oldest daughter who is 14 babysits for our PAC meetings.... and it was a doooozy of a meeting as we are having major issues with our playground and it is SO frustrating and that is putting it mildly... anyways the 2 of us got "into it" after she did not use her best judgment with one of my other kids.... well the crap hit the fan and by the time we got home EVERYONE was crying... including my exchange student... ah yes good times people... I was feeling like I was coming unglued...we all had nice red puffy eyes this morning... we need daddy...very badly... SO glad he is coming home this weekend!

I get so frustrated with the perceptions my 14 year old seems to have....hard cuz I want to fix it and I don't know how.... guess a lot of it will be on my knees... feeling really emotional today, I miss J and I miss Xangelle and I just don't want to do this on my own! but alas I know I have too and have to take each day as it comes... today just feels like forever... so any family reading this...westjet has GREAT seat sales :)

any advice on dealing with 14 year old girls is readily welcome!!!


Dawn said…
And you have 4 more 14 year olds to go! Yikes!

Sounds like you have an awfully lot on your plate.
Just Me said…
Hey girl....handling 14 yr. old girls - all I can say, is pray! Really...seriously...they are feeling so much, and the One who created them, can help you to know when to give 'what' to them : comfort, boundaries, discipline. The best place, is to keep trying to find that time, to 'be with God' -soak in his presence' and in that place of being filled up...then ask Him about each of the girls. Trying to figure it out yourself, will drive you crazy! And..tho it doesn't seem like much - I'm praying for you ! The only thing that keeps coming to me, is that God is not surprised by all this - so ask Him for His provison for THIS TIME...for you, the girls and J. We love you!
Nadine said…
You have a lot on your plate. I pray for peace of mind and spirit. I'm glad your hubby is coming home.
Shash said…
Are you enjoying your weekend with the man being home?
MugwumpMom said…
You sounded happy yesterday...hope you're enjoying your weekend, and that you enjoyed having J at home...you're in my prayers and thoughts and I love you guys a ton! Can't wait to see at the wedding...only how many more sleeps?

oh yeah...ps...what your 14 yr old perceives, she believes to be true...and sometimes, we moms have to mediate a clarification of what was meant between our kids, so that they get eachother's points of view, and don't remain stuck in their own...way way way easier said than done..but you know that already. Wish I knew then (when my kids were your kids age) what I'm learning now, that's for sure!

You're doing a good job Lala...it's pretty evident in the fact your kids know they're loved.

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