pics from Xangelle's visit

love this face!! having a baby in the house was SO wonderful! he is such a lover and so happy all the time, I so enjoyed having him here!
my JJ, he has such a big spot in my heart! I just love him to pieces, he is so cuddly and I just love that! and he comes up with the most random things it's just hilarious!
Xangelle, cooking away for me! I had some of the soup tonight and yummy yummy....hmm mmm I am so thankful for her and know that having a friend you have known your entire life is such a treasure!
Siah and Em. She is such a baby lover, I know she is going to make a great momma some day....way way way into the future :)

I had a great visit with J this weekend, he will be back in a little less than 2 weeks, so I am trying to hold on! ahhhhhhhh


Nadine said…
What a cute baby. Your kids are great with the baby. I'm glad you enjoyed J.
hollibobolli said…
It looks like such a good time - food, friends, family.. I wanna come over!!!

precious, precious baby!!
Cheri said…
When I saw the second made me think the babe has been watching his brother make the same face. The expression in both pics are the same.
Shash said…
that was really incredible of Patti to make all that extra freezer food for you guys, what a blessing.
Dawn said…
I thought the same thing about the little boys' faces!

A friend who will fill your freezer with home made soups is the kind of friend to have and keep!
Glo said…
SOUP I just Love soup....When do we eat.
What blessing to have a friend like that.
Wonderful photos too.

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