a friend

so what is helpful when you are feeling overwhelmed, lonely and some big choices looming over you?
sitting up with a friend till 2:30 am sharing your heart, being heard, laughing and giggling and crying!

it's healing for the soul... I suggest you try it sometime!


Glo said…
Sweetie that is just what friends are for. I have done this many time or had it done for me.

Some ask me one time ,you have so many friends how do you do it. (meaning have friends) I just said to be bless with friends is to first be one.

Big {{HUGS}} and lot of love,
Dawn said…
I'm so glad your good friend was able to come and that you had such a wonderful time! Just what the doctor ordered.
MugwumpMom said…
Just what friends are for...how wonderful for you. So glad she could come and be there for you.
Love you tons.
Nadine said…
Friends are the best. Amen.
Shash said…
it sounds like you had a great week with an old friend. did the boys enjoy being around all those girls?!

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