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I watched 2 really great movies this week

August Rush... I watched this last night and totally loved it! I think a believer had to write it cuz I saw so much Kingdom beliefs in it! really great acting, great music! a must see. Freddie Highmore is such an incredible little actor! we just took the kids to see Spiderwick Chronicles last week, he played twins in that movie! and of course one of my ultimate favorite movies Finding Neverland!
This kid is amazing! I would not suggest spiderwick for the younger audience as it was quite scary! Foofoo hid a lot during the movie.

Dan in real life... I watched Wed night at my neighbors. What a great movie... of course I am a HUGE Steve Carell fan! such a great love story and funny too! I also love Dianne Wiest who plays his mother.

tonight I am going to watch Martian Child, with John and Joan Cusack, it looks like a great one... I will edit this post after I watch it to let you know.
Edited to add: watched it this morning.... oh my what a great movie! another must see! really really great story about adoption and what Love from a Father can do!

otherwise have a great weekend... I am going to try...I miss my man SO much!


Nadine said…
I heard August Rush was good. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm excited to.

I wondered about Dan in Real Life. I'll have to rent that.

Have a great weekend.
Shash said…
We watched Dan in Real Life last night, I can't wait for Get Smart coming out this summer. I've become a fan of his since Evan Almighty.

August Rush is next on the list.

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