Happy Birthday M

I cannot believe she is turning 14 tomorrow!! like oh.my.goodness. I know it is so cliche to say how time flies but boy does it ever.... she is the same height as me and climbing.... and maybe almost as stubborn as me...well almost! she is so responsible and such a help to me... I really don't know what I would do without her. I do know that without her going thru this last year and more would have been SO much harder. She has been my support and I hope that as she goes thru these teen years we can stay close and one day be great friends.
I love you baby girl, we are so proud of you and who you are becoming!
seems like only yesterday she walked down the aisle just before me.....ran to her daddy who was standing at the end waiting for his ladies....his new family.....then he held her up front and said vows to her and she played with his hair at the back of his neck, like she always did and leaned her head on his...knowing she was loved and knowing she was home and knowing he was her daddy forever and always...... and we love him even more today! we both love you baby girl... we are so proud to be your parents and have the joy of raising you and loving you.

Happy 14th Birthday


BehavenPaPa said…
we love Morgan BIG MUCH
Happy Birthday

NaNA and PaPa
Shash said…
Happy birthday! I remember the day you were born. I kept that rather large brick cell phone with me at University, on call for your arrival. It definitely doesn't seem like 14 years ago!
Nadine said…
Happy Birthday. Boy they do grow up fast. She's such a pretty girl.
MugwumpMom said…
Happy belated birthday Morgan...and stop growing tall!

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