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I have a friend at work who really is the definition of friend. He is our Maintenance man and he has kind of taken me under his wing. The other day he asked to have the keys to my truck...and so I gave them to him and when I asked why he said I had a bit of a low when I went to go home after work I was shocked to see that 9 months of dirt and grim had been washed off my truck...he had adjusted my side view mirrors...which was SO great cuz I had to twist myself funny to see out of them!! and I couldn't move them myself... and he had crawled in to the back of my truck to clean the rear window out of which I was not able to see anything...basically been driving around not seeing all that clearly..sad to admit but it was true and me being a girl and all...I was not about to climb in and clean it! I couldn't believe he had done that... he also put a bit of gas in it so I could fill up closer to home and not putt putt it to the nearest gas station... a true gentleman and an example of a real giver. He has filled my tire with air more than once and looks out for me like not many fellow employees would...and he takes me out for lunch a couple of times a month too! and no hidden agenda's... he has kids my age and is happily married.... he is just a great friend! He makes my time at my place of employment a whole lot easier!

I have endured another week without J.... probably won't see him till the middle of April and that is hard and I have to fight not being down. I am really busy in April with SO many different things that I am hoping it makes the time go faster. I am looking forward to May when we are going down for my cousin's wedding and some much needed R&R... then the summer....oh sweet summer that I get OFF! excited about that. With all the snow that is coming and keeps on coming it seems a long way off!! yesterday we woke up to -13 and it is Spring for goodness sake! and the snow keeps coming! ahhhhh so ready for green grass.

Well I better go and start cleaning my house...2 weeks of the kids being home on Spring Break and well it kind of needs some bleach and a magic wand :)


MugwumpMom said…
Seems like a godsend and sounds like a really great guy.
Dawn said…
You're right - a true gentleman and really good guy - who knows you need help when your hubby's gone. That's wonderful!

Our little bits of come and go snow are annoying enough. I hope yours melts soon!
Nadine said…
What an angel God has given you at work. A true blessing.

I do pray the time goes quickly and J is home before you know it.

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