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I don't think I have ever plugged a book on my blog before but there is a first time for everything.... a little while back my cousin posted this book as a MUST read on her blog and now that I have read it I couldn't agree more... in fact I can't stop thinking about or telling people about it! I feel if I may be so bold to say it revolutionized me and J. Yup you read that right .... me and J!! He asked me what I was reading when I was in to the 3rd chapter so I read him a few snip its and he said keep going.... this is my husband who has never read a book from cover to cover... cliff notes don't count! He loved it and he was totally moved by it.


I have to be careful cuz if you haven't read it yet I don't want to spoil it....for those of you who have heard of it and haven't read it yet READ IT.... I mean get up from where you are right now and walk to your Christian Bookstore and buy it.... don't borrow a copy.....BUY ONE!! you will want to read it over and over...... 1 thing of advice..... make sure you have a box of kleenex with you at all times. I actually had to put the book down at one point I was crying so hard. The book deals with a sensitive and heart wrenching topic..... but that is not the point of the book.... you have to read it to the very end to find out what it is.

I also want to say.... can you tell I am excited about this book.... my fingers won't seem to shut up!..... it is the best literary description of the Holy Spirit I have ever heard....E.V.E.R. It gave me goose bumps and resounded in my spirit.

William P Young did an amazing thing by clearly laying out our Father's heart. His love is really unfathomable... our perceptions just can't take it all in.... but this book comes pretty close! The visual experience is by far the most descriptive I have read ever most likely. I found myself being so elated and emotional and I felt like my heart and eyes have been opened.

So hard to talk about here without giving anything away...... so please just read the book.... then email me and tell me what you think!! k?! promise?!!! I would love to start a book club and re-read it and then move on to the book "So you don't want to go to church anymore" by Jake Colsen

It seems to me...and to others that I have recently talked too, that God our loving Father is starting something.... personally I think He is shaking the church....not to pieces....but shaking it awake!! it's time to get ready we look like the Bride now? are we ready? no way not yet.... we need to GET living in relationship first and most importantly... it's why we were created! not to get our identity in hierarchy or institutions but living in His love His grace and living in real relationship with Him!! We need to lay our independence aside and truly trust in Him..... ok I am going to let you go read the book now.....GO READ THE BOOK!


Shash said…
The guys at church are starting this book together.

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