my Aunt and Uncle from Alberta came for a few days visit this past week. I actually don't remember the last time I saw them.... been WAY too many years. They had never met Faith even. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures on my camera of my Uncle with the girls... (of course when I went to take pictures my battery was dead.... then when it was charged I still missed my time! hopefully he will send me some and I can post them). We had such a great visit...walking down memory lane and filling each other on what we've missed. My girls absolutely adored my Aunt....well both of them but my Aunt has a God given gift with kids.... she colored with them and even jumped on the trampoline with them!! she talked and talked with them and they all really bonded. It was great. Just after a few days she had totally pegged their personalities and traits... so cool! I asked them to come and take care of them when my parents take me and J on our cruise sometime next year. I hope they come to visit more often. It was so cool the way my Uncle and my dad have the same mannerisms!! it was really funny! and my Uncle told me that if he didn't look at me when I was laughing that he would swear my mom was sitting right there.... you see I look nothing like my mom... I am all my dad's side looks wise... so it was nice to hear that I have something like my mom!! My Uncle was very instrumental in my mom coming to the Lord.... his obedience urged her into the Kingdom.... and now most of my mom's family is all saved.... from 1 man loving on his brother's wife.... amazing to me and my heart is so thankful.

I don't know why these didn't turn out so good..... my entrance way light fixture is broken and the light for the stairs is burnt out!! yah we have electrical issues!! you might be noticing Foo's eye....she fell out of her bed the other night and hit the dresser..... it is getting better now but boy was it a doozy. Foo is a funny kid..... she is also quite intelligent.... one day driving to town together she asked my Aunt out of the blue "do you ever get lonely".... what a thing to ask!!! then another time she said to my Aunt "have you experienced when one boy likes you and then you find out another boy likes you and you don't know which one to choose?" My Aunt responded with "well then you should pray about it and ask God which one He wants you to choose".... so Foo immediately prays " dear Jesus please tell me which one to choose.".... I guess it was pretty heavy on her mind!! totally funny coming from a 5 year old!! I am glad they got to know my kids and I can't for them to come back for another visit...hopefully with a weekend in there so I don't have to go to work everyday!!!


Dawn said…
What a fun time for all of you. There is just nothing like reconnecting with family that you haven't seen for a long time. It's like no time has elapsed.
MugwumpMom said…
Your week sounded wonderful...glad you enjoyed your visit and the book.
Foo is so precious..what an amazingly curious mind she has...such a gift, she'll no doubt grow up to be very empathetic of others...your girls are all amazing..I miss them..and you guys so much.
Thanks for calling tonight..really must do that more often.
See you at Easter!!
Shash said…
Has she had her eye surgery yet? We didn't have much time with them when they were here at Christmas time, I think I got to see them at church... between their two boys families and my in-law family Christmas - time got away from us (and they were here 3 weeks). Sad eh?!
Nadine said…
What a cool story about your uncle and your mom. Looks like the kids had fun.

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