one day at a time

I know I know.... 2 posts in 1 week... what is happening!!! hehe I am FINALLY down to working 3 days a week and I think I can get used to this!!! although I am not sure it will last :(. The lady that I hired to work the other 2 days is not "fond" of the job, her words, and complains ALL the time. So I am not sure what is going to happen..... trying REALLY REALLY hard to take things one day at a time around here.

so what's new?

feels like forever since I have posted on anything that is really going on in our lives. I miss blogging! I miss reading all my blogging buddies every morning! but I am coming round more often now! yah! so thank God for small miracles.

so here is a bit of an update on us.....

Foofoo is doing good, we are going to get our eyes checked on the 24th... first time for her.... yes I know they are supposed to go when they are 3... whatever!!!! she is missing 4 teeth and cannot eat apples right now!! she is liking school more and is starting to catch on to some concepts that she seemed to have NO interest in.... so we are very thankful for that. Her speech is still not where it should be but she is correcting herself sometimes now and we are all making an effort to correct her so she can speak properly.... something that she is wanting to do. Still no word on her hearing test.... yes I know another thing I have left WAY too long!

Hailey is well Hailey!!! she is doing well in school, staying out of trouble!! at school at least! and loving life as always! I was looking at old photos today of her as a baby and I forgot how chubby she was.....not as chubby as the others mind you but still chubby! so cute! seems so long ago!

Emily turned 9 on Sunday! 9..... like how did that happen?!?! I am planning her party for Saturday and spent the afternoon making little mini photo albums as we are going to making scrapbooks. She is doing wonderfully at school.... total teacher's pet!! and loved by all! such an easy going girl for which we are truly thankful!

Morgan is the SAME height as me... and loves pointing this out to me every chance she can get! it won't be long and she will pass me.... they all will leaving me down here by myself!!! She is doing alright in school... not doing so well in some classes but very well in others.... kind of strange! we know she is capable of getting good grades so I am not sure what is going on... could be a combination of many things....after all she is almost 14.... in grade 8 and well enough said!!

J is doing well. He seems to be getting better and better. He has definitely healed faster this time round! Thank you Jesus! He is looking for the right kind of job.... one that in tales no physical labor and he can leave for treatments every 6 weeks!!! he is considering being a foreman again but then it would have to be with the understanding that he may need a day off here and there and less hours..... we just don't know. Kind of hard to plan a life when you don't know what it looks like. He still should not work until at least March.... and that is our big deadline... March.... by March we hope to know what our future will hold. Whether that means staying up North...... if he can find the right job...... or if we are going to have to sell and move back to the Coast. It is a huge decision one that we both waver on and is a constant in our mind. We have gone over the pros and cons and now are just leaving it sit in the Lords hands...... ok the control freak in me is freaking!!! cuz I gotta know and I gotta plan!!! so I am choosing again everyday to lay it down. It is a struggle for me to do that but what else can I do? I know it is affecting my body.... I have been having weird symptoms lately so I went to the Dr and he ordered a few blood tests, I get the results on Monday then we will go from there depending on if they show anything or not. I do know my body and stress are not friends....nope not at all..... I blame stress on the 6 miscarriages I had and I stress-weight-gain too.... yup good times people.....good times!!! anyways I am having to take things day by day and just walk in that place of trusting that our steps are ordered by Him! If we move back it is not a failure but we were here for a season and if we are supposed to stay then J will find the right job! sounds simple! maybe it can be just that easy???

Besides all that we have 2 new temporary additions to our family! Heather and Kara are 13 & 15 from Korea and are staying with us for the next month. They are great! they speak quite a bit of English and love being in our home! they are mauling our cats to pieces and really enjoy our small country school! We are really glad that they are so well adjusted and no problem at all.


Dawn said…
It's great to have you back, as much as possible. I sure hope the 3 day week can last. 6 miscarriages - my goodness!
So glad J is doing so well. Trusting for the right job for him!
Nadine said…
I'm glad you are back. I've missed reading your blog. So much is going on.

Now if Morgan was a son, she would be trying to pick you up at this least that's what most boys do.

I pray that you will have the answers you need and J will find a job that he is well suited for and has great flexibility.
Yellow Mama said…
Thanks for the update on your fam. Glad J is doing better, and you are right to take it one day at a time...of course, what other way is there to "take it".

I pray for you that peace which surpasses ALL understanding...that it will guard your HEART and your MIND in Christ Jesus.

I need to tape that one to my glasses as well...smiles
Elle*Bee said…
I can related to your struggles as a control freak. I fight with it every minute of every day. I put it (whatever "it" may be at the moment) in God's hands, only to snatch it back seconds later. When will I ever learn that He can handle it so much better than I? ;-)
Shash said…
Has she decided to stay or go, have you decided what to do with her?
MugwumpMom said…
The trusting and letting go is the hard part ain't it? You're in my prayers.
The Lang 6 said…
Hi! Remember us? Glad for the update, say "hey" to J for me! -Dan
Amanda said…
Great to hear that things are getting better. Amen.
I laugh when you talk about your daughter being the same height because I am exactly 5 feet tall. My oldest and youngest are both really tall for their age so I have decided that I need to achieve my black belt in Karate by the time my oldest is 12 years old. Maybe then they won't talk back? Ha Ha!

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