oh the things that they say

my mom and dad..... when we were down on the Coast friends of ours took J myself the 3 little girls (M was sick) my parents out for authentic Chinese Food... we are talking Shark Fin Soup.. jellyfish, fried chicken... the head and all!! fish with the head still on! and the best crab I have EVER had! it was soooo good... well cept the Shark Fin Soup I didn't care for that so much. No one could believe Faith, she ate everything! and then some!! she loves food and apparently is not afraid of strange to us foods. It is actually one thing I am really glad about with my kids, they will eat almost anything and are not picky eaters.
It was a lovely evening of good interesting different food and fellowship.

then while we were eating Hailey says to one of their daughters..... "so you're Korean Eh?" ( our friends are Chinese and Korean) (I also love how Canadian Hailey is..... eh?!!)... and their daughter looked at her a little confused and said "yah" then Hailey says " do you know Bobby?"........ well we almost died we were laughing so hard!! there is a little boy that is new to our school... 900 kms away from where our friends live.... and he is Korean.... her innocent mind thinking that since they are both Korean they would know each other was soooooooo funny, J and I were crying and giggling and couldn't stop! totally a priceless moment!!


Dawn said…
That is so cute! That's like when people from other countries ask you if you know someone - who lives in Boston - 4000 miles away. They have no idea of the size of this country!

Thanks for stopping by - she is tiny, but Emma is tinier! Can't wait to get a good new picture of her.
Shash said…
Hey La, why don't you send Hailey out a little earlier than planned, she can spend some time with us here and then head to Florida with Emma, mom and dad. I have to start working on Emma's passport!
MugwumpMom said…
So, Americans aren't the only ones who ask that!? Reminds me of when we were in Indiana, and talking to someone in the food lineup - they asked me where I was from, told them Vancouver, they ask, where's that...told them on the west coast of Canada and they asked me if I knew Tim so and so in Halifax..hehe...too cute.
Shash said…
Hey I asked that once, just to see what would happen and it turned out they knew who I was talking about.

I was in L.A. at a pastor's getaway, sitting with other pastors from all over the place. One couple said they grew up in Quesnel. I thought I'd take a stab in the dark... as it turned out - he grew up with the oldest brother of our brother-n-law and were still friends. Small world! Here I am, coming from Ontario - he's coming from BC and we're meeting in California for the first time.

:-) You just never know!!

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