busy cold but great weekend

we were invited to a sleigh ride yesterday... followed by a hot dog roast.... then off to another friends house for a sledding party and hot dog roast bon fire! it was such a great day......... but brrrr was it cold! it is currently -25!! and you add the wind to that and yah it is pretty brain freezing cold.... but as true Northeners... in the making!!... we stayed outside all day anyways!

we were just flying over that jump.... then landing with a thud...that made your ribs hurt!!! hurt just watching it!

but the kids did over and over and over!!! I did quite a few times too... not over the big jump mind you!! I respect pain way too much!!!


Dawn said…
We lived in International Falls, MN when I was in junior high and I hated being outside for long at all - it was the thing to do, and I just didn't fit in. Good for you guys for persevering!
Glo said…
That looks like great fun...but very cold. Don't know if these old bones could take that. Great family time.
I have an award for you over at my blog.
Love and God bless.
Nadine said…
We just got some snow, but you have us beat. Looks like fun even though it was cold. I don't know if I would last all day.
hollibobolli said…
that looks SO MUCH FUN!!! Those horses are beautiful.. the pics are amazing. I want to be around snow. Snow makes the cold worthwhile. I'm glad you all are enjoying it.


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