Ponderings over Christmas

I have been thinking as I am sure all of us have about Christmas and all the things I need to do and buy. This year is a Christmas on a budget... the tightest budget we have ever had to work with. But that is not stressing me out, in fact it makes me feel relieved in some strange unexpected way. There seems to be less importance put on what and how many gifts we buy and more on the fact that this year we will be spending Christmas with our families down South.

My friend Xangelle, just posted a question on her blog about Christmas memories, and something that struck me was that what I remembered was time with my family, not the gifts that I received. I have so many great memories of visiting with cousins that we didn't get to see very often, going to our grandparents house full of anticipation not for the gifts as much as to be with family. Building igloos with my dad outside.... in fact one year we went to a youth weekend retreat and my dad was the guest speaker and he made the most wicked snow fort EVER.... like it had tunnels and slides and was just pure genius..... I will never forget that. Baking with my mom and just the general peace I feel and felt whenever I am in her presence. Setting the table that stretched across our entire living room because so many family members were coming. Playing in the basement with our cousins then our nieces and nephews..... these are memories I cherish always.

Family is what God created, that is what He was looking for when He created the earth and the animals and Adam and Eve. He longed for relationship. He longs for us to realize He is our Father and not some removed diaty sitting on His throne beyond our reach. He longs for us to look forward to spending time with Him. He already gave us the perfect gift.... LIFE... and freedom to enter His presence anytime, anywhere. What a gift. I hope the gifts that we do give our girls....besides the practical underwear and toothbrushes..... comes from our heart. That they would be gifts that would instill in them some idea of how much we love them and how much we want the best for them. The best gift we can give them is teaching them of their Father, who speaks to them and they can hear His voice. To teach them to understand the importance and significance of family and that baby Jesus grew up and died so we may have life.


MugwumpMom said…
Looks like we're on the same page with the ponderings.
As for Christmas....I was told that you're parents were going to Tammies Christmas morning and then they all were coming here for dinner Christmas afternoon, turkey at 2pm....so does that mean you're going to Tammies Christmas morning, or have things changed??? As for Christmas eve, or Boxing Day - we hadn't really planned anything...are you here at New Years? Was thinking it would be fun to have a New Years seafood feast with you guys if you're here....anyway, let me know scoop...and have a good week.
Glo said…
Know all about tight budgets.Slim picken here too. It not about gifts it about being with loved ones.
I remember one Christmas after Mike I had been in a wreck (motorcycle) we just couldn't do any thing for Christmas...So we set down with a catalogue and cut out pictures of thing we would like to get loved ones if we had the cash. Then we took the pictures and wrapped them,put them under the tree at my sister. Everyone had so much fun opening these. It was just fun. So see it not what you can give...It about just being together.FAMILY and loving each other.
Wishing you and your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and may God bless.
Also wishing you and your all the best in 2008
Nadine said…
Nicely put. Family and being with the ones we love, health, happiness and the reason for the season. Thanks for sharing.
Just Me said…
I love 'Glo's" memory of the pictures they cut out and put on the tree. How awesome is that! We're on a budget too, but then we're always on a budget. Hubby blew a gasket today - I overspent by $150...and that's put us in the hole! Now, I'm just praying for God's provision and mercy to cover the hole. Then, when I was done praying, I thought how sad it is, that God has to send money to cover a 'deficit', and how much neater would have been, if I'd more vigilant with the money, and then when God sent something thru, ti would have been a much enjoyed 'extra'!! Oh well, maybe next year. But atleast I got everyone shopped for. ( The over spending when on mostly mailing parcels - so we'll know better for next year and figure that into the budget too!)
Amanda said…
I love your post, similar thoughts have been on my mind over the last 2 Christmas's. We are always on a tight budget, as I am a stay at home mom. I find when my kids are given only 1 or 2 gifts, they appreciate them more and it is less stressful for us. We want to SHOW our kids what Christmas is truly about and teach them that presents are only one way to show the love of christ. I think sometimes we put all the focus of Christmas on gifts and lose sight of what is important.
Dawn said…
Good ponderings. good to hear from you again.

I haven't shopped for one thing, and have no desire to. I have one week left - hmmm.

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