update via pictures

mom and one of my sister in laws
last weekend we made our way down to the Coast for J's parents 25th anniversary. It was a really great party and we were just so happy to be able to make it as J was really really sick from the treatments......apparently they gave him the kind he is allergic too! great eh?!...... I drove the whole way down....we left at 3pm and we arrived at my parents at 12:30 am!! this was after trying to get J into the hospital but the waits were unbelievable and then I went to work to get some things done before my GM went to Japan!! it was a crazy non-stop stressful day! at least the weather was great for the drive and we arrived safely. The next morning we awoke at 5:45 to leave my parents in time to get to our appointment with the Neurologist at VGH at 8:00 am!! can we say tired......we spent all morning there getting more tests done and talking to the Dr. J is having a relapse of the CIDP and is going on very high doses of steriods and other drugs to help push it back to remission. He is also going to be having more frequent doses of the IVIG treatments....... and we were told it could be 2 years before he is in a full remission. He is not supposed to work for an undetermined period of time and this is not great timing as I just cut my hours back at work...... so now I am looking for another p/t job for the days I am off at the hotel. On our way back we stopped at Xangelle's house and Jon prayed for J....it was amazing and J felt warmth coming back into his hands and asked for a pin and pricked his fingers and all 4 of us were crying when J said he could feel some of them.....something he hasn't for awhile. He is walking better than he was before the treatments and we just believe God for the fullness of his healing. It definitely is a fight of faith. So that is the update on how we are doing...... right now I am working off my feet as I am managing the hotel until E gets back and my catering staff did not show up all week so on top of training the lady I am job sharing with, doing the General Manager duties and the accounting...... I am exhausted!!!

enjoy the rest of the pics
dad at the 25th anniversary party....looking good Dad
great grandpa and Em
this is the view from my parents house.......gorgeous..... I have to say I miss the Ocean!
my family at Crescent Beachthis is our kitty investigating the candy store..... halloween aftermath!
and this was taken this morning in my back yard...... we now have over 7 inches......winter is here!!!


Cheri said…
Yikes! Snow...I'm not ready for that yet.
Dawn said…
Wow, that was a lot of catching up! Sounds like you're running in circles these days. Thanks for taking the time to let us know. Great pictures! Your folks' vfiew is amazing, and I can't believe the snowstorm.
The Lang 6 said…
When I last saw Jon C. he was getting pretty excited to pray for J. I am so glad to hear that it made a difference. Thanks for sharing your life.
Nadine said…
I pray that J continues to having feeling come back and that complete healing takes place in this body.

May the Lord satisfy all of your needs in abudance.

Congratulations to your mom and dad.
Glo said…
I do indeed believe in Gods healing prower. How special J felt warmth. God is good. Our prayers are with you. Glad you had a safe trip.
Sounds like you really working hard too. Don't get yourself down.
Also you always have the greatest Photos. Good looking Family.
Love and God bless.
MugwumpMom said…
Waawee sent pics of the snow - welcome to northern living. Just got back from Toronto where it snowed. Still raining here. Hope you get some rest soon...love you miss you
Yellow Mama said…
How beautiful...I just love the snow, but we are having springlike conditions. I am so ready for cool air.

I am thrilled about J. I pray he will continue to be strong physically as God restores him to better than He's ever been state.


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