we finally got some chickens.... well over a month we did but yah I am really behind in my blogging!! anyways it is so great to finally have them if they would only lay eggs!! hehe they were laying a few a day but this last week they have not laid a single egg!! ahhhh, oh well guess you cannot force these things.

I ended up staying at my job but negotiated 3 days a week and had a good talk with him about what is appropriate to say and what is not! I am in the process of hiring someone to job share with me now and hope by Christmas I will be down to p/t. All things considered I think I may get back some of my sanity...... more to come in a bit I have to run for now!


Anonymous said…
the picture of your chicken took me down the memory lane, when I was 6 yrs old my grandparents had chickens and i was playing out in the yard and a chicken chased me around the house lol! now im 30 and wont go near one.

i like your blog ive been lurker quite a are welcome to check my blog out.
have a great day!
Nadine said…
Chickens are cool. I hope they start laying eggs again soon.

I hope that will work out in the job situation and you find the right person to share your job with you.
Laura said…
Do you have a light in your coop? Chickens need a certain amount of light and heat to lay everyday. They usually don't lay so much in the winter unless to provide the artifical light and heat. Hope that helps!
Cheri said…
I'm only in the office 3 days a week and I LOVE it. It makes such a difference to be home more days a week.
Katy said…
YAY!!! We have chickens too!!! Isn't it such a blessing?? I love it! We have 23 chickens and got 48 eggs in three days! :) I think that is pretty good! I LOVE our "girls"!!! i hope you enjoy yours as much as we do ours! If you want to see ours..if you go to my blog and click on the CHICKENS will take you to them!!! ;) have a great weekend!
(i found your site through Holli's blog!)

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