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I know I post so irregularly now it is hard to remember what I wanted to tell all my loyal somehow readers!! hehe

The beginning of the month we had fabulous friends come and stay with us for the weekend. You know you are loved when friends will drive 10 hours for 1 weekend with a 4 week old baby! It was such a nice visit and unfortunately I have no pictures cuz my camera was broken and I am waiting for her to download them to her flicker so I can copy them here. It actually was a full house that weekend because my parents also came up in their RV and my dad did a ton of work on the kids condo... I mean playhouse outside! I will post some pics soon of that. My Aunt also came with my parents and stayed a couple of nights with us and a couple of nights with my cousin. I love full houses though and it was just so nice to spend some quality time with them all. The one thing about moving so far away is missing friends and family. I couldn't believe that P came all the way here!! and SO spontaneously too...she is usually not like that! it was so great to hold and cuddle Josiah, he is such a beautiful miracle and I LOVE LOVE LOVE babies!! love their smell their noises little grunts and the cuddles....ohhhh the cuddles.

Then last weekend my in-laws came and stayed with us and one of J's Aunts and Uncles.... another full house and another great weekend. Really it is so nice to spend time like that. When we did live on the Coast I don't think we ever spent quality time, just little short visits here and there but now we get real quality time, and that is really nice.

The girls are settling in to school, even my baby.... sniff sniff. Her teacher wants to have her assessed.... not a surprise to us... because her speech is still not what it should be. The biggest trigger for the teacher is Faith talks mostly in monotone with very little inflection and when there is inflection it is anti-climatic.... she asked if we had her hearing tested yet.... nope...ya I know I said 4 kids and working full time.... excuses.....also my dr up here only works from 6-11 am...gross hours and a pain in the butt....anyways she said it is faster to have her assessed through our family Dr then waiting for the school system to test her which can take a year after the request goes in.... which she is sending anyways. I guess I thought she would just outgrow it, all kids are so different and her being the baby we thought it was cute the way she talks and didn't correct her like I guess we should have. To me I probably don't even realize how bad her speech still is because I always understand her..... well 90% of the time. So we shall see what comes out of all that.

M is adjusting to high school very well. She is really trying to put her best foot forward this year and so far with all her tests... and there has been MANY so far, high school is a huge jump!...she has been getting really good marks. She is making new friends with kids from other merging elementary schools and just looking and acting way more grown up.... kind of scary!! but good all rolled in to 1.

well nuf tid bits for now.... have a great weekend!


Nadine said…
Sounds like life has been very busy for you but good. I'm glad that all is well.
Just Me said…
I'm totally jealous that J & P got to come up and visit! But...then I need to remember, I got there first!! ( no competion there, eh??)..Morgan's pictures look awesome - she's really growing up! Check out Xangelles' photos - she's got pcitures of the time with you on her blog!
Yellow Mama said…
Life changes...constantly...doesn't it!

Blessing to you this weekend...enjoy everyone God has place around you for you are truly blessed and HIGHLY FAVORED.


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