my baby's first day of school!

oh my where did the time go?

think she is excited?


Joyismygoal said…
she looks like a sit fire she will do great
Jenmomof4 said…
It looks like she is excited about school!

I hope she had a great day!

I have not posted a comment in awhile. I do read. I guess I am a bit of a lurker. haha

I hope your Husband is doing well!
Cheri said…
Yup...just a little excited. :-)
Nadine said…
She looks really happy to be going to school. I love her outfit and she has a great smile.
BehavenPaPa said…
Hi Faith
so what is it like going to school.
do you have a lady teacher.
How many are in your class.
have you made any new friends.
Xangelle said…
She looks so cute!
Ruth said…
yes! i think she might be just a little bit excited. :)
Kristen said…
Isn't it just so bitter sweet?

Looks like she's about to jump out of her skin excited. Just like my girl was. Don't you wish they could always stay that excited about school?
Elle*Bee said…
My baby just started school too. I hope yours had a great day!
Shash said…
She's changed even since I was up there this past June, loosing her baby Faith look and growing up into big school girl Faith!!!

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