more pictures and momma got a new toy

I made M pose for me for my new toy.... look at the clarity of the pictures.... just amazing. Got to love the "free" stores when you can buy now and pay 2x the asking price in 28 months!! hehe... we always pay it off before the interest kicks in fyi.... so here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure....more will follow I am sure once I get the memory card...didn't come with one but yehaw for internal memory space!!!
isn't she gorgeous... and in high school now! can hardly believe it!
we all walked together yesterday for Foo's first day on the BUS.... she's a big kid now
love this my oldest and youngest walking hand in hand to the bus stop
does she look proud or what? wished she had smiled open mouthed so you could see her latest hole in her mouth!! yup she lost her 3rd tooth the other night!

bye bye sweetie have a great day...sniff sniff pass the klenex please

family update: J got offered a job far away again(farther than before), this time for more $$ kind of hard to pass that up and not just for the $, it is a job where he is not in a high physical demand, and that is important, and yet being away from the family is stressful in it's own right. So right now we are talking it out and praying about it and we shall see what happens..... of course I will let you know. This time he would be gone for 2 weeks and home for 1, which we like better than the 10 on 4 off, this way he can be home longer and relax more before going back.... plus they will fly him in and out on their dime which is also a better situation than before with him driving 8 hours after working 10 straight days of 12 + hours. So if you think of us pray for direction.


Is the job in Iraq? I hope not.
Dawn said…
Great shots! I especially like the one where the sun is encompassing the two girls hand in hand. So sweet!

I trust the job situation works out of the very best for all of you.
Kristen said…
Hey, you need to get the one of the two girls in the sun walking together framed...or send it to some magazine. That is a fantastic picture!!
MugwumpMom said…
Boy, FooFoo does not even look like her, she's so grown upped!

Wow, Lord, please fill Lala and J with the knowledge of Your will and the power to carry it out.

Would stay and "visit" longer but am dog tired, and going to bed now.

Love you
Nadine said…
Great camera...very nice shots. But I have to say you had a very lovely subject to pose for you.
Nadine said…
BTW - come by for your award.
Just Me said…
Wow Lise...that photo of the two girls walking to the bus stop is amazing!! YOu MUST frame that for them! ..and I'll be praying about J's job offer. It sounds better now that I first thought. Would you guys have to move??
Glo said…
Great Pictures.....

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