a weekend with family

my oldest baby comes home today.... so excited she has been gone for soooo long!

then I have cousins aunts & uncles coming

there is no better remedy than family! and I happen to love mine!

just what the Dr ordered.... that and more massages... I had 1 yesterday by a lady who does acupuncture & Chinese medicine & reflexology..... she was amazing! so divine even when it hurt... I loved the hot stones! can't wait to go again next week.... and hopefully I will get this cast off before!

have a great long weekend


Dawn said…
I love a good massage! Could handle one a week, if I could afford it! I hope you have a wonderful week-end with your family. Good medicine for sure.
Just Me said…
Ahhh....massage and Morgan coming home - how lucky are you!! Tell M I said 'hi'...been on MSN a couple of times with her! She's been missing you too!! Shayna's disappointed she didn't get to come up and rescue you - maybe next year?? HOpe you're feeling better soon! We're off to TACF on sunday - so we'll be out of touch for a week! Keep praying for "P" - she's sounding like it's time to have this baby!
Yellow Mama said…
Those deep tissue massages are painful but very helpful I agree...enjoy your therapy of both massage and family
Shash said…
I had the hot stones massage on the cruise ship and LOOOOVVVED it! I could have fallen asleep and then felt so relaxed afterwards, if I could do that weekly.. I would!
Nadine said…
Enjoy the massages. I'm glad you are getting better. Have a great weekend with family.
Glo said…
Glad your daughter is coming home. How is J doing? Sorry to hear about your wrist.
Massages are the best,love them. I have a very good friend that is a massage therapist. She is what kept me walking,before my hip replacement. and still keep me in tune.This old body needs that. WONDERFUL.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend and may God bless.
smallchild93 said…
Hey Lala,

How are you? I miss you guys so much! Like mom said, I'm so disapointed that I can't come up and help you out a bit!! I really wish I could, I miss you so much!!

Umm did you do you own blog? Like the format, no background! Yes!! The background. If you did, can you do mine? If you didn't.. who did? Could THEY do mine? =]

Love you loads ♥♥

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