I really am having a hard time keeping this blog up to date! and visiting my blogging friends most of whom I have loved getting to know and connect with....ahhhh I don't want to stop blogging because it really has been great therapy for me as well! It is has been such a year that I know in a few more years looking back I will have forgotten all of it! Isn't that how life is?!

My baby is 5 and has started saying the most inappropriate things! yup thought I escaped the terrible 2's with her and now am shocked by what comes out of her mouth and a little attitude that is forming. She has said some of the following much to my do you get a 5 year old to realize what is not PC??!!

said to Morgan's 12 year old friend "why are you so fat?"
said to my mom " why are you so old, are you going to die soon?"
said to a cousin who is not pregnant" is there a baby in your tummy?"
said to a babysitter who is a single mom "are you married? you are supposed to be married before you have a baby!"

Then when she was mad at one of her sisters she called her a dumb ass..... uh oh... be careful little mouth what you say! she also has been crossing her arms and being sent to her room for her little outbursts! not good!

At the dentist yesterday my 7 year old told the dentist that her and Faith were supposed to be boys but we got stuck with them instead..... um thought how interesting to say to the dentist you just met for the first time.... makes me wonder what all has been said to teachers!!

It is amazing what their perspectives are. Lately they have been asking me when I am going to stop working because daddy is all better now. It is hard to explain that it is just something I have to keep doing. They don't understand. They see dad stronger and that is such a miracle and we are soooo grateful for the strength that he has now. There may be an opportunity for me to leave the hotel sometime soon but I can't go in to any details. I may soon be able to have freedom again to be flexible with my schedule and that feels so good. But we will see, many things have to happen and I have to trust that no matter what happens and how long I stay where I am that in the end my steps have been ordered by the Lord.

I did hire a housekeeper, who I play soccer with! she is coming every other week to clean the bathrooms and do the dusting. My bathrooms have never looked so clean! not even when we moved in and it motivated me to do some I cleaned out the girls room...jarring my wrist a few times but I think the exercise is needed as it was quite stiff after the cast, and I have 2 huge garbage bags full of clothes that are too small....their rooms are very clean and it just feels great! I hope to do my bedroom next weekend.

We have our second last soccer game tomorrow night and then the last week of Aug we have our tournament. As far as I know our team is 2nd in our division but we won our last 3 games and they have not updated the stats yet so we may be in 1st or closer to it anyways. I love playing and having to watch in the cast was awful! I am going to keep playing in the fall/winter it really does feel good to do something for myself and try to get this weight off!!

ok well that is a little bit of an update for you and a reminder for me in the future that growth is always happening when you trust!!!
have a great week!


staceyhoff said…
Hi, I just followe dyou over from Grandma Dawn's blog: I know a LaLa :) Well, your not her but your blog made me laugh out loud and I'm with you on watching way too many movies:) so HI and I hope we get to be bloggy friends:) Oh by the way my daughter is already starting with the 'girl attitude' and she is just shy of 2y.o.! I have heard many stories about the attitude that little girls need tend to develop and needs lot's of training for. So, happy training
( ha!) and know that many others are right there with you. Have a great day! :)
Nadine said…
I loved catching up with you. I'm so happy that your hubby is doing better. What a blessing. You have been missed, but it's understandable when life gets so busy. But don't give up totally, because I've enjoyed getting to know you through blogland. You have a great week and the girls will learn to curb their tongue - it's just something I think kids go through.
Cheri said…
I'm happy to hear that J is doing better. That's awesome.
A 5-year old with attitude...I have one of those too.
Shash said…
I tried to leave a message yesterday but it wouldn't let me!!

I was going to say that Foo Foo and my Li Li are so much alike in this department. One of my friends from church was over and he couldn't remember her name but he wanted to say something to her, "excuse me fat lady..." my mouth dropped open. Another time he told Ryan (our boarder from Jamaica) that he didn't like the colour black. He speaks what is on his mind - he hasn't learned social graces yet. It is an innocent stage in life.
Elle*Bee said…
Thanks for the update. I know what you mean about being busy. School just started here and you'd think with 2 kids in school (the baby starts Monday), I'd have more free time. Nope.

Son #3 has said his share of inappropriate things - fortunately "the chocolate man" had a sense of humor. He's getting better though about not blurting out the first thing that comes to his mind. I'm betting it's just a phase.
hollibobolli said…
Seems like the last three blogs I've hit have said they've had a hard time blogging.. I've just tried to get myself in a schedule that works for me - and it most certainly isn't every day - I can't keep that up. Blogging is supposed to be fun!

You can't stop blogging.. we would all drive you crazy with email!

Okay - that dentist comment cracks me up. I'm not looking forward to stuff like that.. I've already started flinching when Faith opens her mouth in public. eek!

The housekeeper will definitely give you some much deserved time off.

Dawn said…
Care Bear will be 5 soon. She is so grown up in some ways and such a baby in others. She starts kindergarten next week - hard to believe!

We took a great day trip yesterday - I saw your pictures - looks like you had a great day, as we did.
Ruth said…
hey lala! :) good to catch up with your world. hope you have a wonderful monday....

ps my blogdrama is over! yah. silly thing is now fixed.

computers! sheesh. they're so unpredictable.
Marissa said…
Haha, my little brother is exactly like that. He just goes around saying the rudest things that pop into his head to people. No one knows for sure where he learned it, but my mom blames it on me and my sisters.

How old are your daughters? I'm 13, and I have a sister who is 12, a sister who is 9, and a brother who is 7.

I like your blog... I'll be checking back!

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