Sometimes He uses the oddest things

This journey of ours is full of ups and downs, this has been a long down for me but in the midst of it all when I turn to Him he surprises me with the oddest yet most comforting things.

here are a few of them

I was "soaking" the other day...... what is soaking you ask, well I don't think I can explain it well as it is a new concept to me. Super Mom told me I need to spend more time one on one with the Lord to draw on Him for strength.... not rely on my own, which is what I tend to do.... I think most strong people can exhaust their own strength before seeking His! So I play music and lie on my bed and think about Him.... and try really hard to keep my mind from wondering!! I was doing this last week and I got a picture in my mind, that is a way that God talks to me. The picture was of fiddlehead fern click here to see a picture of one

and I asked Him what does that mean?, and I sensed He was saying to me, that is how tightly I have wrapped Myself around you..... I totally felt His presence and I keep taking comfort from that.

Then tonight as I was driving home from taking the kids to see Ratatouille
It was soooo cute btw! ) a song came on the radio, I will remember you, by Sarah McLachlan and I felt as if the Lord was singing it to me, I will remember you do you remember me don't let your life pass you by, I will remember you. I am probably getting the words a bit mixed up but I could totally feel the Holy Spirit whispering to my spirit saying I am here, I haven't forgotten, I love you, I always remember you...... again sooo comforting just when I needed it!

Then I get home and get a little comment on my blog from my oldest who is away at the Ranch for 12 days and I miss already...... and I felt loved. miss you baby!!

So just when I think I am down and troubled and I need a helping hand..... He just calls out my name and no matter wherever I am He comes running to see me again.....


Nadine said…
God is so good to reach out to us in big and little ways. Soaking always breaths life back into a person - I'm glad it did for you.
Anonymous said…
Good job Mommy! That is just what you needed, and I did that last night too, bacause I was feeling like I was slowly floating away from Him, so I was up till about 12:00 talking with him, and that is just what I needed, now I feel very close to Him again. Hope you have a great day!

Morning Glory said…
I'm always amazed at some of the ways God communicates His love for me. What an inspiring post.
Sista Cala said…
Bubble bath can't take you nearly as far as a soak in the Word and prayer.

I have heard something about a church movement called "Soaking" or something like that. But I don't know any details.
Dawn said…
Whata good thoughts - and isn't it amazing how God can speak to us through secular songs??
MugwumpMom said…
This is making me cry.

He is singing over you Lala!

I love you.

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