here we go again

yeesh a whole nother week has gone by and I haven't hardly been on this thing! well I have been on facebook to be honest! I have been having fun reconnecting with people I went to high school and even elementary school with! It really has been fun walking down memory lane!

what to post about? seems to be a brain blockage for me. what to say and how to say it!

My niece that was here for the whole summer only lasted 2 weeks. I am disappointed but understand. I am glad that I had her for the 2 weeks so I don't want to sound ungrateful. It was so nice having her here and knowing the girls were well cared for and Morgan was able to go to the Ranch for the last 2 weeks, training horses. Every 13 year old girls dream. I have struggled with why things don't seem to go very easy for me but then my dear sister Shash reminded me that this is just a blip in time in the long scheme of things. My niece's friend is going to babysit for me next week, which is great cuz Morgan is actually stuck out on the ranch as my Aunt's vehicle died and they didn't have enough seat belts to drive her out. This girl that is babysitting, has a 6 week old baby girl that I have SO LOVED holding and fussing over. She is heading back down to the Coast Aug 2 and then I am back at where I was just a few weeks ago......having to use my oldest to babysit her siblings which is not the greatest situation. BUT what do you do? I could fly someone up here but then the cost of that plus paying babysitting is too expensive! am I whining yet?? sounds like it to me, maybe that is why I don't blog as much lately....I don't like the sound of my whine! So next weekend I am heading out to the ranch to pick M up and bring her back, I know she is not going to want to come! I think she would live out there all the time if she could!

I don't know what else to say.....I know I unlike me....but I feel like a broken record.

so I am going to stop here!

please forgive me for being inconsistant with visiting your blogs!


BehavenPaPa said…
every summer my big brother and I would be sent to the farm. Separate farms in order to keep the peace. I sure have great memories - like diving the tractor on my own at the age of 6 or 7., riding horses, trying to ride calves, shooting B-B pellets at pigs, then there wer times of really helping with the work in the field plus milking cows, turning the cream separator, playing in the hay loft - swinging on the ropes in the loft. etc. This allowed mom to work and not worry about our being.

Maybe different ones could take a girl for a few weeks each.
MugwumpMom said…
Yeah I phoned up to T's this afternoon and J answered the phone - I was surprised to find her home. Something about moving in mid Aug?

Gruntman and I are flying up Aug 4 - will you be around or are you going camping? Let me know so we can visit (or not) depending on what you're doing.
Michelle said…
So sorry that things have been crazy in the baby sitting department. I am dreading that when our new addition comes along. Not sure what I am going to do either but I know we need to figure something out, we do not have much longer! Nothing like waiting for the last minute right. Take care
Anonymous said…
Acually Mom, I WOULD love to stay up here ALL summer long! That would be SO great! J (Are cozin) said that when I am done school I should come and live up here for a whole year! That is what he did! That will be so much fun! Well I better go and horseback ride with Jess before the clouds come! It has been raining lots and today looks like rain! Grr! Oh ya, and Jiff had her pups, 6, and I stayed with her the whole time and helped give birth to them! I had to break all of there sack and cut of there plesentas (sp? I don't know!) Jess tryed to help but got grossed out but I stayed with her for the whole time! It was great!
P.S This is the losgest I have ever writen!

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