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wow where did this week go? I cannot believe we are already done the first week of July!!! work has been so busy, and that makes time go so much faster! My assistant is on holidays so I have her work as well as mine to do and the beginning of the month is so busy for me........ so I was so relieved to hear that my niece was coming to be my nanny for the summer.

When she called me I could hardly believe it, I almost didn't want to believe it till I picked her up at the airport Friday night. She is such an answer to prayer! I really didn't know what I was going to do. M babysat all last week and it was not easy on any of us! the girls don't really listen all that well to their big sister and usually by the time I get home she is ready to pull her hair out!! and that does not make for a real good feeling.......for any of us! With my niece here I can rest at ease that they are being well taken care of, fed and the house will still be tidy when I get home! I can almost feel some tension leaving!!!

J is also probably going to head down to the coast this week to see the Dr again and hopefully get some new medication that will help him with his energy. He has been doing better but you always worry that it won't continue. At least I do.

We had my soccer team over for a BBQ on Sat night, it was a lot of fun. First we met at the school and played against our hubbies.....and some teenage and younger can we say so not fair! first of all us mommies didn't want to run over the sweet darlings and then there was the small fact that they ran faster than we do!!! um yah...... so finally after like 6 goals against us, we said get the youngins off the field and then it was more fair...... they still beat us and we didn't score a goal..... J was their goalie!! he really didn't have to do very much and in his typical way let us all know that he was bored!!! but we had soooo much fun and that was the point! then we all headed back over here where J cooked hamburgers/hot dogs for everyone and we had a great time with 20+ adults and 20+ kids!! there was only 1 bloody nose and a few talkings too but other than that a great time was held by all! It was nice to have people over again, something both J and I love to do!

This morning I took the 3 younger girls to a new church to try..... I know here we go again! I know that I am trying to fill the void that our last church has seemed to leave, I am trying to hear where we are supposed to be now instead of what feels the same. The church I tried this morning and was 1 hour late for..... (there are not in the phone book and their sign out front has no time..... just a note to smaller churches.... I had no way to know what time it started!!!) anyways the feel of this church is very much like our church back on the coast. They didn't have Sunday School today and again for new comers looking for a church..... it is really hard to convince our girls to give a church another try when there is no Sunday School.... I know some may disagree with me and smaller churches don't have the volunteers especially in the summer, BUT it would be a good thing to have some people on call being vigilant for new comers so they can wisk the kids out when they see "visitors"........ but that is just one ladies suggestion without having the responsibility to carry it out!!! so needless to say the girls were not thrilled that they had to sit and my bad for not being prepared in case there was no Sunday School! I did enjoy what I heard and like I said it did have the same kind of feel that the River had.... so.... I want to try it again next week..... this time with J if he is back from the Coast and I will be on time and won't miss the worship!!!

so here's to taking steps and answers to prayer!! have a great week!


MugwumpMom said…
It was great hearing that Banana was coming up there to help you help. That should be a real load off! And congrats on, hopefully, the new church.

Have a good week!
Looney Mom said…
Ha ha. "Banana" - cute. (Rena's comment)

I totally hear ya on what's up with the time. And your previous post title "Worst blogger of the year?" I thought you were talking about me. LOL!

I have just not had time to visit my buddies or even post much. So don't feel bad. I just pray that you all stay well and enjoy each other. Love ya.
Elle*Bee said…
Your niece must be a real blessing. Hope things go well at the doctor's office for J. Good luck with your church.
Nadine said…
You have been busy. I'm so happy for you about your niece coming to be a nanny. What a huge blessing. I hope all goes well for J and that the Lord will guide the doctors to what is best for him.
Cheri said…
I can't believe it's July either. Glad to hear that things are going well.
hollibobolli said…
I can't believe you're still looking for a church. It's just so hard to find one these days, isn't it?

I'm really glad your niece is coming - I think that will help you a lot. But I'm sure you already know that!! Still..

I'm glad J is doing better - just try and think that he WILL keep doing better. Have faith.

Love and hugs.
Anonymous said…
Hey mom! Its Morgan up at the ranch! I will be checking your blog every day know, so post post post! I will leave little snipest some times too!

Love your eldest daughter,

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