tired ramblings from the worse blogger of the year- movie review

I am not sure where this post is going to go, just might be the incorrherent ramblings of a very tired lady! staying up till 2 am is not something my body can do well anymore! but I had fun and hey.... we all need that in our lives!.

Last night I went to see Evan Almighty staring Steve Carrel, who I LOVE!!! if you know me you know my fav tv 1/2 show is the office......please rent the dvd's you won't be sorry! anywoo last night I went with my 2 girl friends, it was all our birthdays pretty close together so it was our little celebration. This movie was AWESOME! like there were SO many profound statements and messages! and it is rated G so everyone can see it. I think church groups should see it! in fact I think this is a great movie for just sharing His love with everyone! so please go see it, you will not be disappointed. I cried even!!! it spoke to me in so many ways.

One line in the movie was God saying to Joan (the wife) if you pray for patience do you think God gives you patience or does He give you circumstances in your life for you to learn patience? um yah!! good stuff. Grace and salvation are free, totally not earned! some gifts though are better earned then just given! It really spoke to me especially with what my family has been going thru. There were several other things in the movie that spoke to me too........... so who ever said God can't use Hollywood to speak to you????

It feels like I have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride for awhile again. Some adjustments take longer and are harder to process. J has seemed to plateaued in his recovery and has to go be re-evaluated to see where he is at now. His Dr told me this could be it for his recovery and especially now that he is working before his body was ready. We found out this week that we have been disallowed long term disability....this was with the government.....they stated they don't feel his case is serious enough. The Dr is fighting this but we really can't see them bending. Working is taking it's toll on him and taking the energy that his body needs to heal just to get thru the day. I can feel the emotions he is going thru and yet he is trying to deal with them on his own. This is hard. This is really really hard. It is also hard for me to write out how I am truly feeling here as I feel like I am censored a bit. censored by the anonymous commentor who threatened me, censored by J who sometimes takes me getting my thoughts out here wrong, censored by who ever might read this and take it the wrong way!! Anyways, we are pluggin along and just trying to take things one day at a time, as cliche as that sounds, but it is true.

I have asked for my high school transcripts and am planning on going back to school. As busy and tired as I already am I know some might think I am crazy.....BUT if I have to work then I want to love what I do, and although I like being in management and doing accounting, it is not my passion. It is not what makes me tick. Before we moved about a year ago I had started to look into social work and being a community support worker, something in that field. Now I am thinking of finding a job where I can get the summers and holidays off with my kids! So I am taking small steps forward and again as big of an extra load that might be I also feel it is stepping in the right direction. It makes me feel excited about working towards a career...job...whatever that I am passionate about and what I have thought about doing for a long time. Not just a job because I am good at it but doesn't satisfy me.

So there you go, some ramblings of a tired lady with great taste in movies!!!!


Nadine said…
Thanks for the movie tip. I was curious about this movie and I wanted to see but wasn't sure.

I will pray for you and J. I pray that the Lord would move on your behalf and that J would find favor with the person in the government who will work in his behalf to help you and your family.

Going back to school is great. I pray that time and energy will be with you as you pursue a career that you will love.

Right now I pray for peace and rest.
Dawn said…
I've heard such good things about that movie. Although I don't go to the theater to see movies, I will definitely put that one on our list to rent when it's out that way.

I work with grad studens in social work - those who have your goal tend to become school social workers. Think about it!
MugwumpMom said…
What a profound thought - some gifts like grace and salvation are free but others are better off learned. Wow.

God is the giver of the good desires in our hearts, so follow that dream and go back to school.

Am praying for you both. You are standing well - and having done all to stand, keep standing. It's hard I know. You can call me anytime.

I love you.
hollibobolli said…
Maybe it's time to move your blog to the free version of wordpress - where you can password protect posts when you want to write freely. There is an import feature if you want to bring your posts over. I've been so happy with wordpress - I've helped several people set up their wordpress blogs and the free version ROCKS. If you need help - you know where I am.

Anonymous person - blow off.

I'm so sorry you all were denied long-term disability.. and I hate that working is taking such a toll on J.

I just have to think something good is around the bend for you all. It has to be.

I really REALLY want to see that movie. I freaking love Steve Carrel - even his character in "Over the Hedge." That was GREAT!! That movie ranks among DAAAAddy's favorites. PFTZ!!!

Anyway, send me an email if you need help. In the meantime, you all will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Yellow Mama said…
I thought the whole purpose of a blog was to be able to express...it is not like you express hate and murder? Wow...sorry about that. Big Blogger is apparently watching!

I know what it is like to feel too tired and emotionally exhausted to adequately deal with the emotions of your children and husband...

I agree with you it is important to move ahead and go for a job you can enjoy doing...I pray for J's recovery and for all your needs to be met...would love to do more...
Elle*Bee said…
Thanks for the movie review. I was curious about Evan Almighty too - I got the sense from the TV commercials that it was very different from Bruce Almighty (which I did not see, but I understand was more risque). Our locale Catholic newspaper ran a very large ad for Evan Almighty - they rarely accept such ads b/c they don't want to appear to be endorsing - so that increased my interest.

Please do NOT censor your blog. This is YOUR blog and you should be able to speak freely. I hope comment moderation - which I see you use - will discourage the wackos. You can also make your Blogspot/Blogger "by invitation only" which might discourage new readers but might make you feel safer. (I'm not sure how it's done, but I do know it requires your readers to provide their email addresses so you can send them an e-invitation. Just a though.

You and J (and the kids) are in my prayers.
hollibobolli said…
Those by invitation only blogs totally block you out if you aren't logged in - it's like password protecting your entire site, unless you're registered with google. This is terrible, but I quit visiting the blogs on my bloglist that switched to this because usually I am going so fast I don't have time to go back and get logged in - I get frustrated and go to the next blog. At least with a blog that allows you to password protect individual posts, you can keep the majority of the posts open, and just protect the few posts you want to keep private. That's what I've done with posts I can't share with the masses. And you know I have specific posts like that.

Thinking of you.
erm when we ask for patience of course God gives loads of opportunities to grow in the gift ... whicih is why I've stopped eagerly desiring it ... eagerly=fast in my book lol
Ruth said…
how are you doing? just wanted to let you know you have been on my heart....thinking about you
Sista Cala said…
If God can use Balim's donkey, He can use Hollywood.

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