Surprise Surprise Surprise

anybody else besides me hear Jim Nabors voice when you hear that? no? just me? oh ok moving on

So Saturday started off like any other Saturday, slept in a bit, got up had coffee, did a couple loads of never-ending laundry, went to our community association's fair, got groceries, came home putzed around, debated doing more laundry, was going to start getting ready to go to a birthday party when I hear someone honking in our driveway.
I open the door
look out
there is my parent's motor home......WHAT

then my mom is driving my new car...... WHAT

I stood there for a few seconds before running out crying and hugging my mom........I was totally shocked and surprised, last I heard they were heading to Vancouver Island for the weekend. Then as I am standing there crying I can hear my dad calling me.... so then I look up and see my sister Shash standing there holding JZ....... again it took my brain a few seconds to compute what was going on...... I grabbed my head and started crying even harder....guess my face was pretty priceless............. I had NO IDEA that they had planned about a surprise surprise surprise!


I had mentioned to my dad how wonderful it would be if they could all come up here for a week, with my 3 sisters, they tried to get my 2 oldest sisters here too but that didn't work out. My parents have missed my birthday so many times and this time they are going to be here and my sis to share it with me! what a treat! now to get as much time off work as I can!!!!

so today is a special father's day too cuz my dad and J are here for me to love on. The girls are happy to see JZ too, he is sooooooooo cute, he is almost 2 years old and a real cutie. So we are one big happy family this week! my dad is going to help build a play set for the girls and hopefully relax too!

It's going to be a good week.


Morning Glory said…
Fabulous surprise! Have a wonderful week.
MugwumpMom said…
Hehehehehe.....and I managed to keep my mouth shut!

Hope you have a wonderful visit. If you go visit Waawee, give her a hug for me. And Happy Birthday!!

Love you. Miss you.
Dawn said…
What a wonderful surprise for you! Father's Day and birthday together all in onw/?

Don't worry about not being able to come over every day - I know you're VERY busy!
cara said…
oh wow. that is so awesome. you are so blessed with such a great family, Lala. that's quite the car too, i saw pictures on your dad's blog. i hope you have a fabulous time with them. man, i wish my family would surprise me like that. :) France is a bit further than PG though.
mom of 2 said…
Yes...I totally heard Jim Neighbors!! lol

I hope you have a great week with your family and a Happy Birthday!!
Nadine said…
What a great surprise! I'm so happy for you that your family gets to visit with you like this. How great it is to have both your dad and your hubby together on Father's Day. Happy Birthday also.
Amanda said…
Well Happy Birthday!
It's funny that probably everyone here at Shannon's church knew about the surprise and I think most of us you have never meant. Shannon was super excited to come see you so I am blessed to hear it was wonderful.
Again Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheri said…
I think everyone here did know...and we were all waiting to hear about the surprise.
Enjoy your week.

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