here they are the pics I said were coming from my last post, please read it to know WHO made this for my kids! truly a work of love.
Em demonstrating the zip line

view from the top....the wire pen you see is where the chickens are going to go....soon I hope!
tadpoles. lots and lots of tad poles are in this tuperware container!! they have been having so much fun collecting them!
and one more toy we purchased for the girls. It pays to get gas at Canadian Tire, we got this for less than half price because we have saved our CT money!! so lots of reasons for the girls to have a fun summer here at home!


Dawn said…
What a great grandpa!! And talented. I'm so glad you had such a great time with everyone. I know it's hard to go to work when you have company!
Nadine said…
Wow that's so great. Zip line is fun.
MugwumpMom said…
Awesome! What a great fun fort and zip line, and a pool too!

Waawee told me she had a wonderful visit with you guys - made me jealous!
hollibobolli said…
The best PAPA!! That is so cool - Faith would KILL to have something like that in our backyard. How wonderful!!!! YAY!!! and YAY for PAPA!!

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