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wow I am just so busy that I have not been by any of my fellow bloggers or had time to post ... just wanted to give you a quick little update cuz some people have asked.

There is flooding going on in our region and has been declared a state of emergency and some areas have been evacuated, but not anywhere close to where we live personally. Prince Rupert and Terrace are completely cut off and I have a friend that works for Northern Health and she said Prince Rupert is running out of gas and groceries!! hopefully soon they will be able to open the roads, which are closed from mud slides and flooding.

I drive past the Fraser River everyday and I am in awe of how high it is and everyday it creeps up! This could be very devastating to many people.

On a personal note J has successfully started up his landscaping business and he is swamped with calls. He is extremely busy and working too hard. He really should not be at work yet I feel but disability cut him and my wages are not enough to support us. He is completely and utterly wiped out when he gets home, and his walking after a full day at work is noticeably altered and it looks like he has regressed. He is at the hospital today getting what we are hoping will be his last treatment of IVIG. He is overdue to see his Neurologist in Vancouver to give him an update on the state of the CIDP and if he is still progressing with the remission.

The girls are all winding up school and looking forward to summer..... (I'm not cuz I have yet to find a nanny.....ahhhhh any takers????) ...... and enjoying baseball season. Faith loves her daycare ladies and we had her Kindergarten orientation this week, she was so excited she can't wait to go to school with her sisters.

I am still loving soccer and although we have lost our last 2 games we are improving with each game. I still get really sore and have to find some insoles for me shoes so I can hurt less.....less pain good.....I am loosing a little bit of weight from it which is always good! just wish I could designate where it comes from FIRST!!! hehe

thanks for still reading and praying for us, this has been a big year of adjustments for our family and I pray that this next year will be a year of rest!!


BehavenPaPa said…
Although it is hard on J physically , it probably is harder on him mentally to not work. He loves to work and to fish and hunt, and Oh Yah, he loves to cook - great meals- hey I can see him smiling right now. That confident smile of a great cook.
We head to the island for the rally in a week. Hope to get up there later this summer.
Heidi said…
WOW!! You're playing soccer, that is so great! YOU GO GIRL!! Man do I ever need to get active, thanks for the inspiration!

Areas have already been evacuated and on state of emerg in Maple Ridge, but they're right by the dikes.
We live by Kanaka Creek which is also on top watch right now, but our house is up high enough that we don't think it will physically effect us. Regardless, if the flood gets bad enough it will effect us in other ways if the roads close up - we won't be able to get out of here! But we're not sure if it will get that bad in this area. OMG Lala I've been thinking of you this whole week and wondering how you're doing with the flood up there, as I am watching the news all the time and know it's really bad! I pray for the families in trouble! i'm glad to know you guys are ok though.
I've been slacking in my blogging these days, as I totally got sucked into Facebook...have you heard? You must have because it's the fastest growing community website around right now! You've got to check it out!
My prayers are still going for J and his health and hoping he's in remission soon! I'm also glad to hear your skin is getting better, what have you changed in your routine?? I'm curious!! Keep up the hard work and play girl! I always think of you!
Dawn said…
I was glad to hear from you - didn't mean to put any pressure on you! I am happy that J is working, but sounds like a very physical job - I hope it's not too much!

The flooding is scary. We've been through the Big Thompson flood and the Fort Collins flood, which devastated the campus I work on, so we know it's bad stuff. Your aunt Rena mentioned it, too. I know it will keep her really busy.
hollibobolli said…
Good grief - I hope you all are doing okay in the floods!! I'm sure it's an adjustment to not be doing all the work, but he needs to take it easy so he feels better and gets back to 110%!! I have Faith! Well, we both do- LOL!!

Hugs and Love!!
Looney Mom said…
I'm glad you are all safe with all that's going on. Praying that J will find some real sense of purpose now with his business but I hope he takes good care of himself. I can sorta relate to how he must feel. However men take it harder than women when they're FORCED down.
Elle*Bee said…
I hope things (rising water, mud slides, etc.) soon improve where you are. I live about 35 miles from New Orleans, LA, and although my town was - for the most part -spared the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, the devastation was incredible. I certainly wouldn't wish it on anyone.

I can understand why J is anxious to get to work, but it's important that he not overdo it. Perhaps business will pick up enough that he can hire temporary help for the summer?

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