me and the girls

not the greatest scan job here.....but this is me in the middle with my 2 best friends here, we are having such a blast playing together. They have made my life up here so much more colorful and enjoyable!
luv ya girls


BehavenPaPa said…
now which one are you?????
MugwumpMom said…
Great pic Lala...when you score a goal do you take your jersey off and the length of the field in your sports bra like Tia Hamm did for Team USA?? LOL.

Yes, I've been watching the flooding very carefully and also drive over the Fraser most's something isn't it?! Terrace and Smithers have been hit really hard..and there is still 70% of the snowpack up in the mountains around them!

Thanks for the updates on the family as well. Too bad Waawee wasn't closer - she'd take your girls in a heartbeat!

Hope all goes well with J and his work...and that he takes it easy and paces himself.

Have a great weekend. Love you.
Nadine said…
What great fun. You have a great smile on your face.
Looney Mom said…
Woo hoo! Very cool.

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