Home is where the heart is

I think you can all imagine how wonderful it is to have my family here with me. I love my family. I love that we are close in heart and spirit even if we are miles apart.

I hated having to go to work today and believe me it was awful. My GM seems to have good days and bad and today was a bad one and he made jabbing comments all day at me and others. So many want to quit and I am their sounding board. When he almost wouldn't give me tomorrow off and I wouldn't exchange it to work on Sunday???? like what is he thinking??? I thought this was it and I was going to "spout" off and quit there and then. I talked to J and had his blessing to do so as well. He finally relented but not before he let me know he was disappointed in me for even asking.......the mind games are endless........ so I have tomorrow off and J and I are talking how we can get me home.

I know that my girls have been affected by all the changes our family has had to face and I am feeling too tired from working to feel like I am able to do anything about it. They are only little for so long and then poof they are grown. So what can I do? can we really afford this? can we afford not too? J isn't getting really stronger, in fact working is hindering his progress...........so what sacrifice do I need to make? these are just some of the thoughts swirling through my head.

I know I just need to spend some more time where my heart is, on my knees and with my Heavenly Father to get the strength I need and answers for continued direction. And for this week enjoy my family and leave work at work which is a whole new challenge for me!


MugwumpMom said…
You and I are so in the same boat - want to take off and go cruising?

Enjoy your family, your day off, don't depend on your own understanding, and seek Him - it will fall into place soon.
Nadine said…
My prayer for you is wisdom. I also pray for peace in this situation and that would provide for you and your family and a way for you to stay home with them. In the meantime - enjoy your day with your family. I will continue to pray for a miracle for you.
MugwumpMom said…

I miss and love you and love and miss you.

Hope your birthday is wonderful
Xangelle said…
Hey! I thought of you lat night, and should have sent you a Happy Birthday Wish, then, but I didn't....

Love you tons! And I do hope that this year is an amazing one for you.
Ruth said…
hey lala
just catching up on your blog....YAH! your sweet family going and surprising you like that. they are the best!

thinking about you...and praying you will find some time to hide with your heavenly papa like you were talking about in the last paragraph of your post.


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