the Best PAPA in the whole wide world

Pictures soon to follow for proof that my girls have the best papa in the whole wide world. If you ask them they will quickly testify to how amazing he is.

Not only did he drive ....well PULL my heavy 67 chevelle from Vancouver to here....many many kms away, and bring me my mom and sister and nephew for almost an ENTIRE week!!! he came prepared to build my girls the most awesome playset EVER..... like E.V.E.R. my dad always made us amazing tree forts like at EVERY house we ever lived at. He made the girls a playset/tree fort with 3 swings, monkey bars, a rope ladder, slide, and zip so so so cool. The girls were in heaven..... even shash and I took a turn or 2 on the zip line! I wanted to take pictures with my camera but a certain 13 year old that I know took the batteries out of my camera AGAIN... uh hem so.... I have to find more batteries and wait for papa and shash to email me some pics of everyone on it. I am sure that they will post some on their blogs too.

I know I have not been updating and some were waiting to hear of my week with my family.....sorry....but if you had your family here you wouldn't want to spend too much time on the computer!!! well cept for shash..... can we say addicted....hehe

It was a really nice time together, I wish I didn't have to work through most of it but I enjoyed the time we did have. Makes me miss shash and her kids even more when I see first hand how much our kids and us are missing out on living far apart.

We went out for a fancy dinner for my birthday and it was really lovely! Yes they have fancy restaurants way up here!! It was such a treat to spend it with my parents as they miss my birthday a lot!! they are usually away traveling some where on it.

It was nice to spend time with little Jake.....even when he bit Faith!!! little stinker! heading in to that fun trying stage of terrific two's!! the girls enjoyed playing with him and he liked playing with them especially Emily and the dogs and chasing my cat, glad to say Jackson and Mocha are very patient and the puppy is tough!!

We got to visit with my Aunt from the Ranch and my cousins, S and V and wawee. We had a nice visit together laughing and eating.....always eating in my family! :)

We also visited with a friend who we have known our whole lives who also lives up here and took a stroll down memory lane together.....not gossip!!!! reliving memories!!! just to keep that straight!

I have to say that I am blessed, blessed to have a family that laughs loves and does life together!


Cheri said…
Made me laugh..."cept shash" on the computer...I was thinking the same thing before you said it.

I can't wait to see pictures of the fort...maybe papa will have to come build one at the church here.
Ruth said…
Umm, yeah, to be honest, I was thinking the same thing about Shash...I don't think I have seen her online so much lately!!

I can't wait to see pics. It sounds amazing, what a great Papa!!

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