Warning..... the following pictures are not for the squimish

If you do not like the sight of raw meat.........then click elsewhere fast cuz here are some pics of our weekend at the Ranch where we had our first beef butchering party!

ok I look like I am standing around alot and well I kind of was until it came time to do the wrapping....... that was my job!
men hard at work
how to sharpen a knife
making hamburger

a surgeon in the making

there will be more to follow....butchering that is. We are thinking about doing lamb and pig too!! what better and cost effective (I can say that cuz our Aunt and Uncle were VERY generous with us) and completely ORGANIC way to get your freezer full??!! there are no dies or hormones in this meat at all! and we made sure we were very hygienic while handling the meat.

It was fun! It is always a good time at the Ranch though!!


Nadine said…
I had friends who always butchered their meat. It was always really good and so fresh.
redheads said…
that is so cool, though I am not sure I would want to see the animal alive and then on my plate. I must have a weak stomach for some things. Haha!
Looney Mom said…
I grew up on a ranch so this doesn't make me squeamish. There is nothing like it in the grocery store. Yummy!
Art said…
I guess I'm one of the squeamish... I'll be having the salad, please... LOL.
Cheri said…
Sounds like a great way to get beef...but not sure I'd want to participate in the actual prep.
Shash said…
Share the wealth!!!!!
Ruth said…
So nice to have the fresh meat in your freezer, but I like mine in a package already!!
BehavenPaPa said…
Sure glad I wasn't born a cow nor will I come back as one.
An experience for the girls.
Sista Cala said…
Reminds me of my first winter in Colorado. My husband and all of his family (women included) hunt elk, deer, grouse, wild turkey, javelina, etc.... This was all new to me, but I wasn't opposed to filling the freezer w/o going to the market for meat.

From october that winter until the following Feb. there was some kind of meat hanging in the garage and a processing party going on.

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