pics of my garden to be and more help needed

this is what they were doing while J Morgan and I were working on the gardens.....I bought this for them for Christmas and now that we have Spring and green grass they finally get to play with it! looks like fun, if I wasn't so afraid of popping it I would go in too!
ok Emily and her peace fingers are driving me up the wall!
wide open to decorate a covered patio on a dime??? any suggestions? I plan to hit as many garage sales as I can but my puppy is chewing my love seat seriously's a good thing they are cute.
more spaces.........

we bought some hanging baskets and I already saw a humming bird on them soon after! sooo cool. we planted some seeds and there are a ton of lilies from the previous owners that are coming up. Now to get the dogs to stop digging it up, this is the 3rd time we have had to replant and refill the dirt. They have dug up our neighbors stuff too a bit......dang stupid dogs....and thanks for all the tips about the digging .... oh wait a minute there were none! ahhhhh
more lilies coming up.....just after I finished today the puppy was back in there digging...... can we say dead dog walking???
they like to dig right behind were we put the wooden sign, they actually go right underneath the porch!
I will take some pictures when more things are growing in there..... if they survive!
and another plea for help...although I wonder why cuz I didn't get any help the last time!!!! we seem to be shedding........yup you read that right shedding...... I don't know if you can see the blonde hair hanging from the stairs (maybe cuz I just vacuumed before I took the pic). I cannot believe the amount of hair hanging from our stairs. My suggestion would be to wind the girls up in tape and have them roll down the stairs, but I figure they might get hurt that way. Any other suggestions????

oh and I saw my first black bear in our area driving home with Sandra from soccer Wed was kind of freaky and exciting all at the same time. just fyi

oh oh oh and go here to my dad's blog to see pics of my new car....that is still being worked on....but maybe this means I will get another trip to the Coast soon??? that would be nice!


Elle*Bee said…
Oh, I would love to shop thrift/yard sales for eclectic pieces for your porch. I'd look for whatever "speaks" to you even if the items don't "go" together. As for the puppy chewing, there's this product sold in pet stores here in the States called Apple Bitter. It's supposed to be harmless but foul-tasting. I've never tried it though.
Nadine said…
I'm sorry, when it comes to decorating and puppies that dig, I'm totally useless. I wish had pearls of wisdom to share - the spirit is willing but the head is weak.
Xangelle said…
Could you have Jason "mark" his territory? Even if it didn't work, it would sure be funny as hell to see if he would actually do it.

You know, Alpha Dog and all..Hee hee hee!
Dawn said…
I'm afraid my solution would be to get rid of the puppies! Sorry! I don't have that much patience with re-doing stuff undone by doggies. But then I don't have any pets any more, and I loved the only dog we've ever had and would put up with alot, I'm sure.

Checked out the "new" car - what year is it? I wish I still have my 1969 Mustang - I LOVED that car!
MugwumpMom said…
AAAAHHHHH....I want to decorate your patios with you!! Here's a thought...ask Wayne to build you a couple of his funky blue pine adirondack chairs...and if you do come down here to get your car call me!
Ruth said…
i LOVE your patio. it's my dream lala. you are living my dream! :)
hollibobolli said…
LOL!!! I'm sorry.. out of all of this, the "peace fingers" comment made me laugh hysterically!!! LOLOLOLOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

I love hummingbirds!! I got so upset when I saw one zip through our backyard and stop at a flower. I thought "darnit - if only we had out a feeder!!!!"

That balloon thingy looks fun!!!!"

Shash said…
I'm with Dawn. If those were my puppies they'd be finding a new home! I have no patience with that either. My kids can run my life like that but not animals that God gave me dominion over...

I know I know - my kids call me the mom from "Freaky Friday" and I am fine with that... :-) mowaahahahaha (evil laugh)

when Rena's done with your porch - you can send her my way to help me with my porch. I'll take pictures and show you what SUCKS looks like!

love ya!!

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