my Dad's Birthday

Yesterday was my dad's birthday, I wanted to post something but I had soccer right after work - which we won 4-1 btw ...... very exciting, I almost got into a fight....very exciting!!! hehe - anyways I wanted to wish my dad a very happy birthday here too!

He has his own blog now so go over and wish him a happy birthday from yesterday!

The other night we were at our neighbors for Sandra's birthday and she asked us all a question and the question was who tucked you in to bed at night and what was the routine ( just so you know Sandra loves the "ungame" and asking deep questions.....and she wants the real stuff, no fluffy answers allowed!).

my answer

well both my parents tucked us in but I loved it when my dad tucked us in because he would lie down beside us and rub our backs......he would quickly fall asleep.... he still does when ever he actually sits still for more than 5 minutes.... so I would wiggle to wake him back up and he would continue rubbing, then we ( I say we cuz for most of our early years Shash and I shared a room) would ask him to sing to us. He always said I don't know why you want me to sing to you, it wasn't like he was a "singer" but we loved it. I loved hearing him sing, there was so much peace in it and I remember feeling lulled to sleep and a sense of security and well-being. Sometimes he would tell us stories from when he was a little boy growing up in Edmonton of sitting on ant hills and playing hockey in the winter to scooping golf balls out of the ponds. Great great memories and another reason why I have the best daddy in the whole wide world!!

Happy Birthday Dad.


Dawn said…
What a great tribute to your daddy! He sounds like a good one.

Kev and I finally finished our story today - I feel kinda sad that it's over, but it's really just the beginning when you think about it.
BehavenPaPa said…
Brought a tear to my eye - thank you. I think those I sang to went to sleep to escape the singing. Once while standing next to friend in church during the song service he turned to me and said "I was praying for a singing voice until I heard you and now I'll pray for you" well Sharon says it is much better - so prayer works.
Now years ago there was a little boy and that little boy had a . . . .zzzzzzzzzz hey don't fall asleep reading this!
There are times I still sing mom to sleep. I don't get it but it works.
Cheri said…
A sweet post. I don't remember much about bedtime when I was younger...but I have been thinking lately that I need to spend more time with C at bedtime because she really likes the one-on-one time. Hearing your memory just reaffirms this.
Shash said…
I remember he sang in the spirit more than with understandable words and he made up most of his songs he did sing that we could understand. Sorry I couldn't speak to him in person yesterday I tried but I couldn't stay up until midnight when you finally got a hold of him.

I have lots of great memories. Taking us camping, bike rides, to his job sites, to work, driving to school all the way from North Van to Langley and letting us sit on his lap while he drove and then reading to us while he drove --- with his knee!!! Dave wonders where I get all my bad habits behind the wheel... ;-) Love ya Daddio!!
Nadine said…
What wonderful memories filled with loved. Happy Birthday to your Dad.
MugwumpMom said… sweet!
Happy Birthday UnceeD
Elle*Bee said…
What a great post!

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