home sweet home

I am home sweet home again. I had a really great time with my parents and my sister and my friend Xangelle and cool mama...... it was kind of a whirlwind...... a weekend...even a long one just isn't long enough.

We shopped our little hearts out and ate and then shopped some more and ate some more! So my kind of weekend!!!

There was a little hiccup along the way. "My" (emphasis on it is really J's car and just says it is mine :) ) car ended up not being ready to drive it home. I found this out late Sat evening after doing a whole bunch of running around to get the insurance for it. Yah that kind of sucked!! I was so disappointed that it wasn't ready. The brakes do not work on it! and by that I mean I could barely get the car to stop and when I did and then moved my foot a hair the whole car lurched forward again. SOOOOOOOOOO scary and not canyon proof! even my dad couldn't control it. So I had to book myself a ticket to fly back home. Which kind of also sucked in one way cuz I had bought things for the house that I would have been able to take home with no problem in a car and had to leave them for the next time we are down. Oh well the good side is that I am not tired from driving all day and having to go to work tomorrow!

It was so great to go to my old church too yesterday and see my friends again! get encouraged and have great fellowship! I so enjoyed my time with my parents and my sis and miss them terribly already!

It was different from last time I went down and I wasn't working, this time by Sunday I was getting the butterflies that in only 2 more sleeps I had to go to work again. It is such a struggle sometimes. Sometimes I am fine with it all then sometimes I just really hate it and hate the dread I get. But like my parents said I need to learn what I can and who knows what this all will lead too?!


Nadine said…
I'm so happy for you that you had a great visit with your family. It's always nice to go back to your old church and visit folks. I'm sorry you couldn't drive the car back.
Dawn said…
I love when you said you had "two sleeps" before you had to go back to work. That's how Care Bear's preschool tells them how long it is before something they're looking forward to.

I'm ready to call it quits with this working thing, but can't do it quite yet!
mom of 2 said…
Sounds like you had a great visit with your family! I hope you are having a good week at work, too!
BehavenPaPa said…
Enjoyed having you for the few days. Running around, shopping, eating, and seeing Spider Man together.
Love Dad
MugwumpMom said…
Alas, someone how understands getting butterflies at the prospect of going to work on Monday. It sucks don't it.
Glad you got home safe. Sorry I missed you. Maybe next time eh?
Love you.

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