Happy Birthday Foofoo

5 years old today...........where did it go? 5 awesome years with really the easiest baby/child ever born in the free world! she has been such an incredible blessing and joy to our family. She is pretty excited about her birfday party!!! we think we are going to buy her a swing set for her birthday.....what else does the 4rth girl need??? not clothes not toys (she doesn't really play with toys anyways) not movies, we are trying to cut back her moomoo time........so a play set outside was what we thought would be best...........now if we can find an affordable one???!!!

Happy Birthday Faith!!


Dawn said…
Happy Birthday, 5 year old!! Care Bear will be 5 on August 31. Feisty is 3 tomorrow. So many birthday girls!
MugwumpMom said…
What's with May 11? NeeNee's birthday, Shashies wedding day, Foo Foo's birthday. Very cool.
It's Waawee's birfday tomorrow.

Give Foo Foo a huge kiss and hug for me!
Amanda said…
Faith is so cute!
My Kayla turned 5 in January and I am really enjoying this age.
Her middle name is also Faith, good taste!
BehavenPaPa said…
Hi Faith;
this is PaPa - it was really nice talking to U on the phone on your birthday. You sound so grown up.
Wow - looks like U are going to get a swing set.
Hope it strong enough to hold me!!
Nadine said…
Happy 5th Birthday. That's so cool about a swing set. I pray you find a good one at a good price.

Have a great Mother's Day.
Xangelle said…
Make sure to give her a birthday squish for me.

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