because nothing I do is ever the easy way

So as you all know I joined a local actual division....the last division....but a division none the less ladies soccer team. I LOVE IT! I love playing. Love hanging out with this great group of ladies. Love knowing that I am physically doing something really good for my body. Love that I have an outlet. Love it love it love it.

So we won our first game, tied our second and since last Wed only lost 1 out of 5 games! not bad for a group of mostly beginners!! we also have less people showing up for games and therefor less subs if any at all..........all the other teams have had many many subs and that is hard to watch when you are
soooooooo dog tired.

To explain the title in my post you got to know me and know that
yah well I just don't do things the easy way. I didn't ease myself into playing soccer and start walking and building up my endurance....nope just went all out. All or nothing kind of thing! Friday night we were playing a team that I have to say looked like most were UNDER 30 not over!!! uh hem and had tons of subs and were subbing in 3 at a time like every 5-10 minutes! we had NO subs....what a shocker. So after playing my heart almost out of my body and everything hurt like more than labor cuz at least then you get drugs!! with 4 minutes left in the game I see the ball coming in my zone and I go fast as I can full tilt....whatever that is but for me full tilt...... at the ball and don't really anticipate the lady from the other team going after the same ball at apparently the same speed.


we hit boob to boob, stomach to stomach, knee to knee, shin to shin.


ouch. She went flying backwards to her butt and I stood solid as a wall...........cept I am not a wall and I don't remember it happening but J was there watching and he saw my head snap backwards. My lungs were empty and I felt light headed to be sure. I didn't want to go off cuz then we would be down a player and I didn't want to let our team down....but I went off at their instance.......not like I could have played if I had tried....and started to feel more and more of the impact. The game was over then quickly enough and I struggled to walk to the other side of the field where my family was waiting and we had to shake hands with the other players. I could feel the tears welling and there was no holding them back at this time I also felt a lump like feeling in my neck and had started to hold it. Everyone felt so awful cuz this poor tired sweaty girl...or old lady as it were...was trying to shake hands and apologize for crying, I felt so stupid but couldn't stop the tears.

Then I noticed my voice sounded weird to me and my body was starting to shake and my hands were going numb. Then panic settled in and the hyperventilating started as my body literally went into shock. I haven't played sports like really ever with the exception of being in gym at school...till I didn't have to anymore and grade 7 basketball where I mostly warmed the bench and a little volleyball. Never soccer where you run almost the entire time! what I do remember about playing soccer in high school was getting benched by the gym teacher cuz I was too aggressive a trait that is actually a good one in soccer and I make a not bad defensive player.
Ok back to Friday.....yeesh I am long winded.....why can't I do that in soccer???? anywoo because of all the panic and shock and they tried to get me to sit but there was no way I could they called 911.......with the little girls all there watching and now crying not 1 but 2 ambulances came and a fire truck to strap mommy in the whatever claustrophobic contraption and took me to the hospital. I guess with my hands going numb that was a sign of possible spinal injury and no one wanted to take any chances!

so off I went with J to the hospital where a good friend that I have been making here in town was working. Angie was soooo awesome and was quick to give me the pain cocktail I sooooooo desperately needed! a few X-rays later and then a repeat of X-rays and I was released with whiplash advice. I definitely feel it more today, as the doc said I would but honestly.......... I can't wait to get back out there and play! call me crazy....even my boss keeps telling me I shouldn't play.....but that's another story!


MugwumpMom said…
Yup, that's a flexion tension strain if I ever heard one! I'm sorry but I started to laugh at the "she went down and I stayed up like a wall"....I'll have to start calling you "The Wall". And you were benched for being too aggressive?? Gee, you think? Lets see...running full tilt boogey...see Lala hit big lady...see lady fall down go boom...see Lala still standing...I'd say there's some aggressive "fight" adreline in there somewhere! You're hilarious! And I'm happy your having fun...just don't go out there before you're better!

And no, I won't be at church on Sunday...I'll be at Waawee's church in fly down here and I fly up there...boohoo. Oh well maybe next time.

love you
Nadine said…
I'm so sorry you got hurt. So sorry you have whiplash, but...the bright side is you were able to put it into words and make me laugh. I love how you look at life.
Ruth said…
ahhhhh lala!!!
Cheri said…
My father-in-law got hit in the eye with a baseball right off the bat last summer. Stitches, fractures, plastic surgery...lots of other icky stuff to fix...yet he's back out there playing again this year.
Amanda said…
I love how you tell your life stories, although I am sorry you got whiplash. I really enjoy reading your blog
Dawn said…
YOu are a bit insane! But I admire your grit and determination. And the ability to laugh about it and let us laugh about it. I hope you heal quickly and not do further injury by going back too soon! This is a mother-y person talking!
Looney Mom said…
Oh my goodness. I understand the ambulance thing. When I blacked out from my back pain they came to my house while my kids watched. I felt so bad for them. I thank God that you didn't have any spinal injury. I pray also that you will suffer no repercussions from that incident. Take care and you go girl!
mom of 2 said…
My husband plays co-ed indoor over 30 soccer and it can definitely get aggressive! Glad it wasn't anything too serious and that you're ok!
Mike said…
Looks like yoru soccer is more fun that the Super Bowl.

BehavenPaPa said…
well some things have not changed. There were many a time when we butted heads over matters - remember??????
See U after 2 more sleeps.
Your PaPa
Anonymous said…
You've got to be kidding !!
2 Ambulances and 1 fire truck pulling u-turns in front off TIM HORTONS to get to Lala. I was in PG working late friday and at Timmy's across from the fields getting my "have to stay awake on the way home coffee" when the Emerg. vehicles were looking for the gate to the park !! Around 7:00-7:30 ? Have a good trip down south and a safe drive home.
Elle*Bee said…
OUCH! The ambulance was a good call, given the fact that you were having trouble with mobility. Never can be too careful. Son #2 gave himself whiplash by performing a long jump in gym class. Follow your doctors' instructions and The Wall will be back in the game in no time. :-)

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