Trip to China by PaPa

Us on the grounds of the Summer Palace in Beijing.
In the Museum of Tablets in XIAN, the same City as the Museum of the Terra Cotta Soldiers.
This museum of Tablets has more than a 1000 tablets. The oldest one I saw went back to 25AD. The one that interested us most was the one done by the Nestorians - giving evidence
of them bringing the Gospels to China via the Silk Road (the Silk Road had many routes - not just one road) in 635 AD. We purchased a rubbing of the tablet. A rubbing is done by applying an ink to the stone surface then applying a fine silk-paper sheet like you would wall paper and allowing the ink to dry onto the paper.

Here we are in front of the main entry to the Forbidden City. There are several courtyards and buildings to go thru before coming to the inner court/palace. This entire complex and grounds covers 720,000 sqmt. (approx 20 acres square) with 9000 bays of halls and rooms. The surrounding walls are 10 meters high and 3428 meters long.

This one on the Great Wall and I must say - GREAT WALL - imagine a wall stretching from Vancouver to Toronto! or LA to New York. in addition this one is built over mountain tops not flat prairie.


Clan Schmitt said…
Sounds like you had an incredible trip.
I would love to see the great wall of china.
See you in a few weeeks.(John's wedding)

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