sooooo excited

I am like so totally excited! my parents a cousin my oldest sister and an Aunt are ALL coming this weekend............weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this is me squealing....... so so so so happy! I am not sure how I am going to get through the day tomorrow! This will be the first time for my cousin my sister and my aunt up to visit us! I so needed a visit from my family now! I love our families!

We are going to be heading out to my cousin who moved 1 hour away from us for Easter dinner. Then they ALL leave on Monday! just a weekend visit. BUT hey no complaints I will take what I can get! J will be heading down on Mon too with 2 of the girls and my cousin up here will be taking care of the younger 2 so I can work.

So what to do with the entire house to myself for a week with just me myself and 2 dogs and a cat?????


a really great great friend is coming up here next weekend!!! and I am so excited about that! I miss her so much and can't wait to spend some really great quality time with her.

I feel so spoiled.....all this family and friends.....just much too much!

ok well sorry for the silliness but really just that excited! now I MUST go to sleep ( I stayed up a bit too late last night having a great time with my friend in her hot tub watching the stars and sharing our hearts! love my neighbors!)

when my dad is here I will try to upload some of his pictures directly to my computer and get him to do a guest post with the pics about their trip to China.

OH AND sorry I feel so bad that I haven't payed it forward yet..... I totally will get to it! I was awarded a thinking blogger award a few days ago by Kristen at Mama's So Called Life! I have NEVER been awarded anything and you all know of late had some pretty brutal criticism! but I feel the LOVE! so thank you so much Kristen for awarding it to me and I will very soon pay it forward and award it to 5 blogs that I read. Hopefully with the little button that somehow this overtired and apparently manic brain cannot figure out how to do!

have a great Easter weekend!


cara said…
oh i'm so jealous of all your friends and family coming to visit you! sounds like fun. it would be nice to celebrate Easter like we're used to at Ann's, but oh well. that's one of the things we chose to give up when we moved halfway around the world so i can't whine too much.

i hope you guys have a really fabulous time. you deserve it.
Art said…
Have a great weekend yourself. Enjoy it!
MugwumpMom said…
We's a comin' Lala!!! Mom and I are leaving here around noon and will try and make it to Billy's Pond where'll we'll stay the night..I'll call you in the AM for directions to your place and we'll come spend some time with you. If by some miracle we get transported and find ourselves in PG today, I'll call you later this evening...but since we have to stop frequently and piddle a dog I somehow doubt that will happen..if I had my way, the dog would have to hang his butt out the window to do his business so I can just keep driving...AAAHHH..the visual!
Put the coffee on sweety!! We's a comin'.
Ruth said…
nice lala! i am sooo happy for you.
happy easter my friend. you ARE loved.
Ruth said…
Wow, you are going to have a few very full and fun weekends. I hope you enjoy your time visiting with everyone.
WealthBuilder2 said…
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Elle*Bee said…
I'm glad you have a great Easter planned!
hollibobolli said…
I'm so excited for you!!! If anyone deserves fun/friends/downtime/uptime/love/holiday - and so on.. it is you, my friend.

That is so great about the thinking blogger thing!! I've never won anything! (but I don't in real life either - LOL!!!) YOU ROCK!!!

mom of 2 said…
Congrats on the award! And yay for family and friends visiting!! Hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!!
Heidi said…
What a blessing to have all the people you love to share such an important weekend together! Many more blessings for ya my friend, Happy Easter!

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