On Friday as I was doing some running around for the retirement party I was throwing for the lady I have now officially replaced at work, I had so many thoughts running thru my head and I felt the Lord impressing some very important things on me and so bare with me as I sort them out here.

As you know, if you regularly read my blog, a close family to us had a near death tragedy happen to them a little while ago. Chris was in a head on collision with a semi truck and survived. He is currently at VGH (Vancouver's best hospital) and you can read more about it here. His family is posting the current events and prayer requests for Chris and his wife Nina. There is a prayer request on there right now from this morning so go over read it then pray.

Karen, Chris's mom wrote out her gratefulness on Friday and I totally bawled while reading it. She was thanking the ambulance team, the nurses, everyone that had a part to play in saving Chris. While I was thinking of this, Jael (from the Book of Judges chapter 4) came to mind. She was a huge reason why the Israelites won the battle..........and do you know why?.....because she was where she was supposed to be when she was supposed to be there. I thought of the nurse on duty the time the call came in about Chris and she started to a praying nurse! talk about wearing 2 sets of armor! not only is she there to help heal the sick but to pray as well! Being where we are supposed to be is huge. Instead of grumbling about going to work now I feel my attitude has changed to, Ok Lord, here I am, show me why I am here and tell me what I am to do. BIG DIFFERENCE. We can think Kingdom or we can think earthly! I don't want to think earthly anymore. I want to be like Jael, in her tent and seizing the opportunities that come to me. Notice though that she went out to meet Sisera, verse 18, to me she was waiting, she was ready and looking for her assignment. Are we looking? are we ready for what the Lord wants us to do? we don't know when our assignment is going to have a major impact!

All these thoughts and revelations led me to also start realizing the power of prayer. Karen is one of the biggest prayer warriors I have ever known. She prayed over her children while they were still in her womb. She prayed the Word over her kids and spoke life into them. Just as my mom did over me. There is power in that. Mark, Chris's dad, wrote a post a couple days ago as well and one of the things he said was God answered our prayers before we even knew to ask! isn't that awesome?! so why? why did God answer before it was asked? I believe because they had already spoken it into existence by praying over them since the beginning. Words are powerful, they have the power to bring healing or destruction. God SPOKE the world into being. He said "Let there be light...and there was light"......He tells us in His Word that if we SAY to the mountain to move, it has to move. (Mat 17:20)What does that mean? why does He say to SAY it not just think it? I think because He has given us authority here on earth and we have been given angels to our bidding according to the Will of God. So when we say watch over our children and giving His angels charge/protection over is literal.

Then my thoughts led to why some families get their prayers answered and others don't. I don't know why, I wish I knew the answers behind everything but I don't. What I do know is that God loves us all. He has no greater love for some people then others. (Gal 3:28) He said that He so loved the world.....not He so loved a chosen few! (John 3:16) I read recently a man say that he didn't know why he was saved (from a life of drugs) but because God loved him. Yes soooo true God loves him! What I think we can forget is that God loves everyone the same! He sent His Son to die for us all. He loves all the bums and the prostitutes, He loves the homeless, He loves the richest man in the world, He loves the worlds leaders. He hates sin but He loves the people. So why are some saved and some not? maybe just maybe the prayers of the saints, that's us, families and grandparents generations removed even, prayed? and God answered.

My mother talks about her grandmother often and has always claimed that her prayers, the only Christian in their family, is what ultimately led my mom to the Lord. Now most of us are believers!!! isn't that neat? one ladies prayers for her family and the generations yet to come came to fruition!

I also thought what a stupid thing we say when we say " well all I can do is pray"....what do we mean all???? it is more than enough and so vitally important. I need to be praying every day over my children and my family, speaking the Word over them and praying for others as I prompted to by the Holy Spirit. I need to teach my children the importance of this as well and that their Heavenly Father loves them so and He loves everyone, we need to start seeing others the way He sees them, then be where we are supposed to be ready to do His will!


Morning Glory said…
So many times I feel that we under-estimate the power of prayer. It doesn't always mean that the prayer is answered the way we want it to be, but we can be sure that God is listening and looking out for our very best.
Ruth said…
good reminder my friend.

thank you for posting this.
Shash said…
So very true La. Great post, I'll talk more - it's been a long long day. The wedding went great btw, I'll have pictures up in a bit.

love ya preacher girl!!
A Woman Who is: said…
Prayer hhmmm, this seems to be a theme in blog land lately and one of my favorite subjects. I believe my great grandmothers prayers have reached out through the generations on behalf of all of our family. I know that is who prayed me into the kingdom, and my mother was a young girl when she died. When I grasped that, prayers are eternal, once prayed they continue to exist in eternity… The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man(woman) availeth much James 5:16
I too started praying for my unborn children and grandchildren to come. Great blog.
holli said…
Thank you for this, Lala.. You know I needed it. That may be one small reason why you posted it. Not that I'm not praying like crazy (for my family as well as many others) - it's just good to read things like this for support.

Nadine said…
Great post Lala. The power of prayer is a powerful tool.

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