Fun Fair Pictures

this week really flew by..... and as far as work goes this is a good thing...that the week went by fast! who said working in a hotel would not be full of drama??? or working for a Muslim when you are a Christian wouldn't be interesting! or prejudice! I don't feel really free to go into all the details here but I am just holding on waiting to see if change is going to happen, which it should, soon there and then things should be better!
M had Egypt week at school this week and the picture above is her with one of her friends from school and her BFF from where we used to live. S was up here with her school singing in a competition and it was so great to see her again and see the 2 of them together, they have really missed each other.
We took the kids to the local fair this weekend, in lue of a b-party for Hailey.....ok hokey smokes are they ever expensive!! like yikes......but the kids had a blast and that's all the matters right??!! please say right!!!
so enjoy the pics and sorry to my fellow bloggers I have been coming to visit at work here and there but I can't leave comments from work very easily and have been so busy at nights at home.......

Morgan and Hailey are up there.....upside down....and loving it! they love the big scary rides those 2

foofoo is on can just see her feet

hope you had a great weekend

and keep praying for Chris and Nina....God is doing amazing things in their lives but we still need to pray and stand with them!


Looney Mom said…
RIGHT! The fairs are SOO stinkin' expensive and we don't do them often, but when we do we try to convince ourselves that it's worth it because the kids have so much fun. LOL!

Great pictures!
MugwumpMom said…
Looks like you had some nice weather too! The kids aren't in jackets, and the sky is blue. Glad you had a great time. My kids are too old for fairs now, but we used to enjoy them back then.
hollibobolli said…
It looks like so much fun.

I will never do the super scary rides at the fair - it freaks me out that they put those things together in like two days!!
Elle*Bee said…
It looks like they had a great time at the fair.

Are things not going well at work?
BehavenPaPa said…
makes me remember the ride I did with Q and E - and my earlier meal made several attempts to get the best of me.
So I guess I'll sit on the bench and watch them scream as it does a twist and wrench.
I never was big on the ride, guess that's why I'm left sitting on the side. Oh to be young and without a fear, makes me reflect and shed a tear.
So' I'll leave to the young at heart and sit on the bench waiting for another to start.

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