Freedom Writers

J and I watched the most amazing movie last night and I seriously wonder why the departed won best movie over Freedom Writers. This movie staring Hilary Swank was moving and I personally think a must see......even for teenagers! Both J and I were crying. Good friends of ours that we had over on Saturday told us they saw it and we should be prepared to cry! and cry we did! It was one of those movies that I should not have watched before having to get up early for work this morning because I couldn't switch my brain off and had a very rough night of sleeplessness.

If you don't know much about the movie here is a quick run down. A first year teacher takes on an incredible task of teaching a group of students that the system at every level had given up on. This movie is based on a true story and you can read all about the freedom writers foundation here. It gave such a clear picture of what it is like for these young teenagers who are just glad to have survived a day.....let alone dream of graduating high school. The unspoken but clearly present "war" of the streets and the gangs and fighting for one's own was so well told. It made us want to do that is a good movie!

There was one part in the movie where the teacher's father was talking to her and telling her she was burdened with an amazing gift, to teach these kids, and she needed to ask herself if the job was done yet......the little speech was so moving and I thought sometimes we are faced with a burden of our individual giftings and it overwhelms us at times and we wonder how we can continue on and then that one encouraging word from our FATHER gives us that encouragement that we need to go forward.

He is speaking encouragements over us all the time.........we just need to be tuned in to the right channels!

side note: Elle*bee asked if I am having troubles at work........the answer would be yes and no, yes it is difficult at times and I am waiting it out to see if a change will be happening, some things that were agreed upon at my hiring have been re-nagged adding to it all!!! and no cuz in every work place there are situations that arise that you have no control over. Part of the life of working I think. For now I am just praying for His grace to help me do what I am supposed to be doing for now, a huge part of me cannot wait to be back at home doing what I love and am passionate about.


MugwumpMom said…
As I've said before, God grant Lala the serenity to accept the things she cannot change at her work, the power to change the things she can and the wisdom to know the difference. Grant her grace and courage, and fill her with your peace. You have a purpose and plan in everything so use Lala to accomplish that purpose and plan in her workplace.

Sounds like a great movie. I'll have to watch it.

I did my first victim/offender mediation today! It was awesome and the ED of the association is looking for another case for me.

Have a great Tuesday and hang in there. Your dreams will come true...and yeah, maybe we will go on a mission trip together.
Art said…
Sorry I haven't been by in a while - things have been crazy.

I haven't heard of that movie but it sounds good - thanks.

And good luck with the job!
Ruth said…
God bless you lala.
may Gods SHALOM be a guide to you every step of the way. xo
Kristen said…
I have heard a lot about this movie. I am definitely going to have to check it out!

I've been MIA for awhile. Sorry I haven't been by. Life has been not so much fun. But I'm trying to make my way back around.
Cheri said…
I've never seen Freedom Writers...we'll have to check it out.
Elle*Bee said…
I've heard it was an amazing movie. Thanks for the side note. I'm glad things aren't too terrible at work, and I hope the problems can be resolved. But as you said, God will guide you...
A Woman Who is: said…
I did see it. It was the best movie I have seen at least this year. Sob,sob,sob. My kids were impacted too. My 23 year old commented that a movie had never provoked her thinking and follow up discussions as much as this one has. Thanks for sharing about it. Definitely one to see, maybe a couple of times….

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