Family Pictures.......and someone's 7th birthday

Guess who is 7?
I love my family!! this is us at my cousin's new place with family from the Ranch and the Coast joining us!

Emily cannot stop with the peace sign these days!!

just a morning jump...... I am happy to say that after the warm warm weekend we had the snow is almost all gone.....really it is strange looking in my backyard to see all the brown....and the things that were long forgotten under all the snow...uh hem

so excited for her Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake....which yes I know she isn't allowed to have but some rules are meant to be broken.....on birthdays anyways!

sister in laws enjoying great conversation.........good looking family too!!

yah my oldest sister's first visit to our new home!

riding her birthday present!

at my cousin's......being silly!
more to come soon

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Nadine said…
Fun pictures. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.
Shash said…
Does Morgan's new camera leave spots on the photos?? Q's does and i see spots on a few of your pics, did you take them with your camera or hers?

Happy Birthday Hailey Bailey. Your Auntie Shashi loves ya lots and lots and lots!!
Elle*Bee said…
It looks like she had a great birthday. (I also enjoyed reading about your dad's trip to China.) Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter.
Looney Mom said…
Great pictures. A beautiful family indeed!!

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