Faith's Fallen Tooth

apparently one of her sisters wrote this for her......she just signed her name!
My baby has lost her first tooth. Or how she puts it "has a fallen toof" one day while she was at my cousin's house last week she told me on the phone that she had a fallen that point she hadn't lost it yet but in her mind wiggly means fallen! sooooo cute. She seems too young to be losing teeth already....well she is still 4! All my kids got their teeth early and have them "fallen" early too. She was pretty happy....she did the happy dance all over the place, she is finally a big girl like her big sisters having fallen teeth! only she put her tooth in a baggy and left it on the kitchen counter tonight and now that it is bed time is in a desperate hurry to find it....she even combed through the garbage trying to find it. I told her to keep it under her pillow so the tooth fairy can come but she apparently didn't listen and is much distressed tonight. I told her the tooth fairy might make a special trip because every fairy heard her crying so hard over her lost fallen tooth! (she doesn't just say tooth she always says fallen tooth) have I mentioned how cute this all is yet???
ya not the greatest picture but try to get a 4 year old to STAND still and smile "normally" and get the missing oh pardon me the fallen tooth shot in their too!!! um America's next top model would have been disappointed in the roll of film and this was the best shot!! hehehe

This week I will tell you all about my weekend.......which was FANTASTIC! I feel so great so much peace and so refreshed!

* The prayers for Chris are working.....lets keep it going.....keep reading Xangelle's blog for the updates!


Morning Glory said…
Awww, that's such a cute story. I remember our tooth fairy forgetting one year. Not good. The fairy did find her way here the next night, though.
Cheri said…
C can't wait to have her teeth fall out too. She will often come up to me and say..."Mommy, I think this tooth is loose" as she tries to wiggle a tooth that is not loose at all.
I love the note. Definitely something to keep.
Ruth said…
That is a precious note and I love the gappy snmile!! Our tooth fairy frequently takes holidays (or at least that is what we tell the kids when she forgets!!)
mom of 2 said…
How exciting! We've lost a few teeth here and there as well! One of Emily's is in the front yard somewhere! We've found that the tooth fairy is pretty leanient though and still delivers the cash even without the teeth!
Art said…
That's adorable.
Lala's world said…
Faith came into our room at 3:30 this morning SO EXCITED that the tooth fairy left her some $$ under her pillow....she fell back to sleep in our bed with her money safe in her hands!
Elle*Bee said…
Son #3's same tooth is loose. He turned 5 in Feb., but this has been a problem tooth since it first appeared. I thought the dentist would pull it when he was 14 mos old and a large portion of it broke off but no, the dentist did a pulpectomy(mini rootcanal) and put a cap on it! 4 years later, it's still there (along with the permanent tooth that will be replacing it).

Congrats to Faith! I'm sure the note, along with your photographic evidence, will satisfy the tooth fairy.
BehavenPaPa said…
Hi Faith;
I enjoyed the story of your Fallen Tooth.
Shash said…
That is cute and early! Q has only lost a couple teeth so far, Missy has surpased him by at least twice the amount of teeth and Lee can't wait to loose his first tooth. He wants to be big so bad!!!
Dawn said…
That is young for starting with the tooth fairy!! Anakin didn't lose his first one until he was almost 7!

Am glad to hear that Chris is improving. There are so many huge requests out there right now.

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