ok I cannot believe I am posting this but here is goes.......this pic is me giving foo a trim....... I think I am at the highest weight EVER. I gain weight when stressed....I don't eat I gain. I just seem to be on a big gaining time. Maybe it is my age maybe it stress maybe the love of chocolate and food maybe it is J's cooking maybe it is not being active after a VERY VERY LONG winter......maybe it is all these things........but it has got to stop. I am so glad that I signed up for soccer.... I need some serious exercise.... I will also require some serious support for the girls (if you know what I mean) to be able to run the field!!! So since J has been gone I have been low carbon it and trying to eat healthy things.......I have been doing well for the last 2 1/2 days...but tonight???? tonight I want one of the cadbury cream eggs that is in the cupboard. I want ice cream with chocolate sauce peanuts and bananas........I WANT TO EAT..... I am also a little emotional. Having such great news has made me a little the long awaited news is finally here and I feel like I could sleep for a year! so glad super mom is coming in 2 sleeps! I need some prayer ministry!!! and she is just the friend to do it!

so what do you do when you get those intense cravings????...... I ate a banana tonight..... I know there are probably better things but hey it's better than the creamy ewwy goooey cadbury caramel did I mention creamy??? chocolate egg!!!! I don't think I need to point out the very obvious back fat WHERE do they come from???? how do they get back there???? why?? oh why!!
and don't get me started on the unsuckable tummy and the butt that makes JLo look like twiggy!!!


Art said…
Yeah, you're a real porker... NOT!

It's good to go the healthful route but don't get too caught up in appearances. Many of us have a tendency to think the worst of ourselves in that regard... and it's usually not near that bad!

Besides, our physical appearance is only the cover of the book!
Ruth said…
i know what you mean about the chocolate. last night i was in bed, nearly asleep when i remembered that a friend of mine had given me a box of CHOCOLATE COVERED MACADAMIAN nuts from hawaii. i had to get out of bed, turn on the lights and go out to the cold garage to find me somma dat! arg.
Ruth said…
I don't have nearly enough self control in that area...I usually give into my cravings...or I go to bed...sleep seems to answer them as well!!
Nadine said…
You know what's funny about weight is that we see ourselves so much bigger than we are. I've seen pictures of you and you are lovely, beautiful woman. You don't look big or overweight in this picture at all.

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