I woke up praying in the Spirit for Chris. He still needs our prayers. Patti is having her hubby update her blog on his status.

There is power in prayer!

speaking of prayer I have had a good dose of it over myself yesterday and I know there is more to come this weekend with super mom here........God is good....>ALL THE TIME!


Nadine said…
I continue to lift Chris up in prayer.
Dawn said…
There are so many huge requests right now!

I had to laugh at your post a couple of days ago with your picture. I am going through the very same thing and it is very frustrating. What do I do? I eat!

Part 6 is finally up for both Kev and me.

Have a great Sunday!
Art said…
holli said…
I believe in the power of prayer. We'll just keep on praying, Lala... We saw God's miracles with Brittany and her Grandpa. God is good - you're right. He's with us all the time. We just have to remember to turn it over to HIM.

Thank you for putting us in your prayers. You all are always in mine.

BehavenPaPa said…
Amen - keep up the intercession on behalf of Chris. Hold fast your confession of Faith without wavering which has great recompense of reward.
Also He tells us "With Prayer and Thanksgiving"
So we continue to give thanks for complete healing for Chris in Jesus name!

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