Cave Dwellers - China

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This pic shows the kitchen stove with a tiled platform to the exterior front wall. The person sitting on the platform is James and he is talking to the dweller - a 93 yr old woman - bed ridden. She has been a Christian for many decades. James prays for her and her daughter who is in her 60's and so excited because I am the first white person she has seen. When I am introduced and told this I take her and and kiss it, then give her a gentle hug ending with a kiss on each of her cheeks. She loved it. Back to the stove - it has pipes connected that transfer the heat to the space under the platform (bed). The inside is very damp and cool. Note again the number of blankets. This platform would be where all the family slept.

This is looking inot the cave - on the right is her kitchen bench and a small shelf for cooing ingredients. Beyond is storage I didn't go examine. To the left are a couple of old dressers and back towards the entry is a table for eating. They boilded some water and served tea to us and it appeared after that I am the only one to drink it. Duhhh! However I survived - by faith.
Their light fixture is not from IKEA. The floor is made of bricks with sand fill. Not sure what they finished the arched walls and ceiling with but there was evidence of water stains and mold.

This is the entry to the cave. we enter the one on the right. I gather her daughter live in the one on the left. This is a courtyard that is entered thru a metal gate and high brick wall flanking.

This shows some that were adandoned and to the right some still in use.

The hills surrounding are all terraced and when getting a closer look you see many of these dwellings. I would estimate there are thousands in the general area of this small City.
They told me that Mao had camped here fro some time with his army all living in the caves.
No evidence of running water or bath facility. Their toilet is a communial one - with a brick wall of approx 6 ft high on three sides and a hole - the smell is rather BAD!!!!! - Aim - fire . Interesting enough they are able to pull in electricity to these and now have some pavement on the road leading up.


Morning Glory said…
Absolutely fascinating!!
Ruth said…
wow. incredible!! thank you for sharing this.
Nadine said…
Wow great pictures, very interesting story. Thank you for sharing.
Cheri said…
The pictures are awesome...they make me want to go to China and see it too.
I agree with Shash...I think PaPa needs his own blog. :-)
Shash said…
Yup, get it up and going Lala - Papa needs his own blog!

Save some stories for our guys here, a good chunk read the blogs!
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I have started my own Blog

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is NOW the site to see if you want to see Papa's blog. The joys of learning something new eh Dad?!
Jenmomof4 said…
Happy Easter!!
Dawn said…
One of the profs I work with went to Beijing over spring break. It seems to be the place to go these days!

I hope your week-end was all your hoped for. Ours was awesome.

Kev and I have finally finished Part 5. Painful this time!
hollibobolli said…
The outside looks pretty darned fance for the inside!

That was very interesting! I'm amazed there is a lightbulb.. at. all!
Art said…
Wow! That's fascinating.

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