Easter weekend.... more pics

this is my parents RV....totally RETRO....totally want one, one day! this is at my cousin's again
Hailey's favorite past time is skipping, she is actually really good at, she just seems to be one of those kids that sports comes easy too. I love this picture....love that they are playing together instead of fighting as per usual :)

ok my little hill billy kid..... I DID NOT PUT THOSE BOOTS ON HER....just want... no need to make that disclaimer I had a cute little hot pink sweater on her and funky tights in the morning for church but by dinner this is all that was left! oh well....... she is what she is and I love her for it!

I love this picture too. my little....well not so little explorer found a birds nest.

my mom and my sister...love this pic of my mom laughing.....well I just plain LOVE my mom! and my sister too!

my dogs......my puppy is officially bigger than my dog! he is going to be HUGE he is almost 6 months old....can you believe that???? 6 months already

my aunt painted Hailey's birthday card..... I am going to scan it and post it here....she is such an amazing artist...truly fantastic we were all so thrilled that she did an original for Hailey!

another table shot.....see mugwumpmom there????
ahhhhh nothing like sisters!
Easter Sunday Mornings church service was amazing too. Our Pastor's wife preached and it was the first time we had ever heard her. It really was great...... I am going to share more about that later this week. Also the same sweet lady came up to J and gave him another envelope with $100 in it....I know for a fact that they have to budget their money very carefully I was so touched and felt God's love all over her. I am going to talk soon too about the local church and it's importance....just can't say enough about it!
ok don't forget to look at the pics below either! love showing off my family!


Art said…
Nice pics. Looks like a good time!
Shash said…
I love the log cabin home, do you have more pictures of Waawee's new home??
redheads said…
I love all the pics Lala. Yor girls are so beautiful!

I am so glad that you had a wonderful weekend. Isn't God Glorious!

THanks for coming back to my site, and I should be able to leave messages again thanks to Ruth for telling me how to now that I am on this new Blogger. I am so not the computer type...thats what I have my amazing husband for!
MugwumpMom said…
Great pics Lala. I miss you too! Yesterday as I hugged Waawee goodbye I cried and kept crying almost down the whole road. It's hard not having her and you here. It didn't help that I came home last night and J was just leaving to go up to Murrayville to spend the evening with the T & C for Car's birthday. So feeling pretty lonely without you guys.
Your home is lovely and am still praying that you will see the wonder of God's goodness even in the light of what you are going through. Sometimes "trust Me" are the only words we have to live by for a while.
mom of 2 said…
Love the pictures! and you guys in your short sleeves with the snow all around cracks me up!
Xangelle said…
I'm with mom of 2 as well. What's with the t-shirts in the snow? Ya bunch of rednecks......

Love seeing you all. Miss you tons.
Hopefully we can see you soon.
Ruth said…
What a beautiful place to live!! The pics show that you guys have had a great time this past weekend, what fun!!
Kate O'Brien said…
Love all the photos! Looks like your holiday was lovely. I forgot what snow looked like!
Morning Glory said…
I love the pictures!! I thought I recognized Rena in that table picture. It looks like it was a really fabulous time.
Ruth said…
LOVE all the pictures. i know you already know this BUT i have to say you have a BEAUTIFUL family. blood family/church family...EVERYONE!
shalom lala!
Ruth said…
AHHH! LOVE love all the pictures...and the walk through your weekend. i know you know this already but i have to say it - YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! blood family and church family - everyone!

shalom lala!
Dawn said…
What a good time was had by all! And you're right about the importance of the church family - what would we do without them??

Especially in light of what we went through with Kev. Thanks for stopping by!
Nadine said…
I love the log house. Great family pictures...love the one with the girls jumping rope.

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