YAH I got a new look

thank you thank you thank you to Ruth at Mom's Musings for the new look! My sister Shash has been bugging me about the snow! even though we still have it here.....Northern Canada is coooold! but I am definitely ready for the change and can't wait for green grass and Spring weather!

I am so tired these days and should be heading off to bed here! tomorrow my baby turns 13! I can hardly believe it!


I have to get this off my chest. Not to sound redundant or anything but something is weighing heavy on my mind and I am down right ticked off and I can't ignore it. I don't want to give anyone some sick sense of satisfaction at having succeeded to turning me off of blogging. I don't want to give anyone any sense of pleasure at having got my knickers in a knot or getting attention. BUT I am mad. Mad that my heart has been misunderstood and that I have been judged to the point of someone actually making a not so underlying threat to me and my family.

I would have thought that anyone reading blogs would KNOW that you only get to see what one wants you to see. It is a small window into people's lives and what they choose to share. Who knows what people write is even true! and yet there are people with nothing better to do than read people's blogs and then make insensitive comments and even threats. I feel sick to my stomach about it. I don't want to be rehashing something over and over and yet I have no closure to this and am at a loss as to what to do. To know people are waiting watching and maybe even hoping you would screw up or say something that they can bounce on is becoming too disturbing for me.

My husband said to just ignore the threat, that someone is obviously getting off on saying nasty things to me but I am unable to ignore the threat. I am going to talk to a friend tomorrow who is an RCMP and see if there is anything I can do. I don't know what else to do and I hate that someone is trying to make me afraid. I have been blogging for over a year and have loved it. Loved making new friends and sharing life together. I love that my family and friends near and far can keep up to date with our lives but now I just don't know what to say. I feel like I am trying to justify myself again and that would indicate that I have done something wrong and yet I know that I have not.

ok rant over, not going to bring it up again! moving on.....................


Art said…
I've been through the whole idiotic anonymous comment thing. I never had any threats but it does make one reconsider the whole blogging experience. However it turns out, good luck. And I hope you keep blogging despite the idiocy...
Cheri said…
I love the new look!
Keep on writing...I enjoy reading.
Shash said…
I still can't believe that someone would actually say your a bad parent and threaten you with those kind of actions! And by saying that they must remain annoymous is a cop-out! They've obviously read your blog for some time as a lurker and who knows it may be someone who has commented with their name... just 'cause they didn't feel you were "sorry" or felt responsible for Foo Foo getting lost in the woods! Talk about insane!!! I'm mad for you too La!!! They should be ashamed of themselves, repent and ask for forgiveness - talk about judging someone!!
Yellow Mama said…
In response to your comment:

I am reminded of that verse which says to mount up with wings as eagles...to run and not be weary...to walk and not faint. There is something about an eagles vantage point that clears up his perspective. He can not only see the beauty around him, but he can also see his enemies and his prey. He also has the advantage of knowing how to maneuver through the wind currents and literally ride the current to his advantage. I think that is why God put this verse in the Bible to let us know we can see our lives from a different vantage point.

I think that as a Christian we are either lead to believe or just naturally believe that good comes to good people and junk comes to bad people, but the Word is clear that we are to be overcomers and that means there will be stuff happen. I've found myself in the junk of life wanting to hide myself in Cinderella's castle away from the world and wanting my prince charming to always meet all my needs. (I'll admit it)Prince Charming on the other hand has the mentality of him being a lousy husband if he is not able to bring home the bacon.

The truth of the matter is that I cannot explain everything which happens to a person, but I do know that vantage point is extremely essential in keeping your "faith" in tact. Actually, it is not our faith but it is God's faithfulness.

Anyway, when you get to a place in life when you are questioning your faith, even questioning whether God even cares or if He will show up, then you go to the mountains. Those "things" you know to do as a Christian...just be faithful. If you haven't been faithful, then begin today...that is the beauty in a new day. Get alone with God...it is great to pray together, but individually get alone and receive a fresh word. Not hearing anything...that is okay because He is still there with you...that is one of those faithful promises He gives. When we have walked through wilderness experiences and felt like God had walked away from us and left us out to die...when we've felt like we are the lepers in God's household...when we've felt rejected by those close to us...when we've felt ill equipted to even manage life...well...just stay faithful...starting today. Even when God's Word seems like ink on paper...stay faithful...even when going to church is like having burnt toast...stay faithful. Eventually, the waters of life begin to flow again and this time, there will be even greater fruit and a greater presence of God in your life.

"I pray for this wonderful family, Father...with all of the stuff they have gone through. I pray for your overriding peace in their lives...blanket them with your presence...like a warm cozy blanket on a cold winter's night. May your peace envelop them and create in them a sense of your love. Father I come boldly today to ask for your healing touch in this body. No...not a touch Father, but in every part of his body so that he can do what you have called him to do. Today, I ask for a creative idea and a creative avenue...make it clear for him...a creative avenue to go with his work. Father he is worth so much more than he thinks he is worth. You have gifted him and he doesn't even think he is gifted. Open his eyes to see what you are seeing in him. Like a rushing wind, Holy Spirit fill him with life and energy and compassion. For Lala...I speak peace of mind because she is emotionally carrying the burden as well. You said our yoke is easy and our burden is light...thank you for this...Open her eyes to see your love for her...she feels abandoned...may she know just how deep your love is for her. Thank you for taking the load and carrying the burden. And now, Lord, I thank you for the influence this couple has had through the years, and may this time be a time of INCREASE instead of decrease."

Blessings sister...
Morning Glory said…
Lala, I love your new header. It's so pretty and happy-looking.

Also, wise decision on enabling comment moderation. Some people just need to spread their poison around and this way you can stop it.
oh my goodness!!! that is terrible!!!! I am soooo sorry that you are going through this! Sending prayers and {{{hugs}}}
hollibobolli said…
Lala, I missed all of this with my "stuff" coming up this week... but you know I went through the same thing. If you want to email me - you have my email.

For all the wonderful people who read your blog, there will be a few nutballs. There are people who are very unhappy with their own lives, and the only way they can make themselves feel better is to bring others down - it gives them some sort of satisfaction.

After I went through that whole crazy ordeal - I realized that some people aren't who they portray themselves to be online, and the best way to make the crazy people go away is to not give them the attention they're seeking.

You are entitled to have your own opinions, raise your children the way you see fit as long as you're operating within the law and providing a safe, nurturing home - and you're entitled to hit the delete button when the crazies invade. And they will from time to time.

I have one woman who has left crappy comments on my blog for three years... and other blogs who have dedicated entire posts to tearing down my physical appearance.

I just let it go and moved on. Although I do moderate comments now because I don't need my family seeing obscenties popping up in the comment section sometimes.

I love you. I think you're a wonderful person. I've followed your family for so long and I would hate it if some nutball made you disappear.

So crazy person - go way. boo hiss. There are actual evil people in the world at which you can direct your crappiness. I suggest you go find them. Nobody here is going to appreciate what you have to say about Lala.
Clan Schmitt said…
Hey Lala, I too hope you keep on blogging. I love reading what you write. Although I do not always leave a comment, I have read every post almost. You and your sis deffinately have a gift for writing.
I also find it is those people that do not have children most critically of other parents. Especially of things that you wrote of that happened. We as parents make mistake, we learn from them and move on,
I am sure your system for the kids playing at the neighbours has been improved. in terms of checking on them and them checking in with you.
You and J are good, very loving and concerned parents.
Keep up the great job you are doing.
Lots of love
Kristen said…
Love the new header! So cheerful and springy!!

I am so sorry about the person putting a damper on your blog happiness! That is just so uncool! I think moderating your comments is a smart idea. And I hope whomever it is stops and leaves you alone. Too bad there's not a way to totally block people from your blog (short of making it a private blog, which I have considered).
Meggles said…
Like the new look!!! It makes me feel happy to know that spring it coming soon! :)

From what I have read and heard you are a very good mother!!
Dawn said…
Love the new look! Soon it will be spring even up there!!

So sorry about the nasty comments. I am glad you deleted them. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.
O Mama Mia said…
Hi! Here by way of sweet Shash. Just wanted to encourage you to keep on keeping on, hun. It is when we back down & hide that we let them win.
Is there anyway you can match the time the comment came in with your visits tracked on your site meter? If you get the IP you can report them for harassment. Just a thought.
I'll be praying for you, hun!!
devildogwife said…
Don't let someone who is too cowardly to actually post with their own name get you down. Every parent has had some sort of scary moment (or they will eventually) happen as they are raising their children.

Please, don't beat yourself up and don't let this person pull you down. All that matters is that your little one is safe and sound in your arms...
Ruth said…
Hey, I really love reading your blog and you are so inspirational.

You really are a great mom and if we all had to talk about the wake up calls and guilt we have suffered because we are parents, my list would be HUGE!! We are all learning and being positive and lifting each other up during these times are totally what we need, otherwise we feel like we are the only ones...and we aren't.

You are awesome!
Nadine said…
I'm sorry that you have had such a bad experience with this anonymous commenter. I'm glad you are not going to quit blogging. I love reading your posts.
MugwumpMom said…
Keeping telling your stories, and keep deleting anonymous comments that are harmful and keep "moving on". Your honesty and integrity shall always protect you, but remember, we don't war against flesh and blood..and this is just another feeble attempt at worming..take the high road (or the eagle's soar as our friend, Yellow Mama so eloquently put it)and overlook the offense, and pray for your persecutors...yeah, I know...easier said than done!!
Ruth said…
i love you lala
and am soooo thankful i found you.
i hope you keep talking
we are blessed to walk beside you.
and i LOVE your new blogskin...
does she do that for a business? looks greeeeeeeat. sooo cheerful.
Elle*Bee said…
I'm glad you're not going to let them turn you off on blogging.

I sort of view your blog sort of as your home. It's one thing to disagree and respectfully offer a different perspective (basically what I'd do if I were a guest in your home and disagreed with you). If I'm consistently offended by everything you do (speaking hypothetically, of course - I never found any of your posts offensive), then I have no business visiting your "home" (blog).

But to resort to threats, name calling, etc. - UGH! Junior highschool all over again!

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