Second Day of Spring

and nothing GREEN in sight!!! officially sick of the snow!! like really!

Tomorrow is Morgan's birthday party and this weekend one of my cousins is moving close by! yah for more family moving North! so this weekend is going to be busy ~ between 6, 12 year olds sleeping over and then us helping my cousin unpack! my Internet at home is still glitching so excuse my absence!!

got to run J is here to have lunch with me today.

Oh and for those of you who were wondering I am the new Administrative Manager for one of the larger hotels here! pretty impressive eh?!

oh and I think I need a new look, apparently it is bothering my sister Shash......any takers??? I have no $$$ just love!


Ruth said…
Hey Lala, I can help change your template, but I just take one from Blogger and change colours...I can add pictures and banners like on my site, but that is about it...let me know if you want some basic help:) Have a great weekend with all the 12 year olds! I hope you survive.
Shash said…

We have spring here - nananananana

It was over 10C today, Li Li was out in just a sweatshirt and Q in short sleeves (he is his father's son!). The sun is shining and the snow is melting - lots of water and streams around from the run off. YEAH!!!!!
Dawn said…
Sounds impressive to me!! Hope it is going well.

Sorry you have no green yet. I won't tell you about ours, then.

Kev and I finally posted Chapter 4 today.
Nadine said…
If I had the talent to do a cool blog design my blog would not look the way it does...sounds like you have a busy weekend...have fun.
Art said…
Congratulations on the new position!

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