Random Pictures

Just a few pictures to take you through the weekend. I am going to be shopping for clothes, thanks to my friends, and cleaning the house before I start work 8:30 am Monday morning, which is also J's birthday! Morgan took this picture the other day!
our puppy Roan he likes to sleep in my coffee table!

foofoo and Roan, who she calls rollie pollie ollie

the back end of Roan sleeping

this I took this morning, we have another 4 inches of snow and counting, we lost power for a couple of hours this morning from an accident so the roads must be bad! and just when I thought we had Spring?!!


Glo said…
Love the pictures. Made me cold to look at them. I hope our bout with snow is over. It was 76 here Monday,then 49 on Thursday...Crazy
Wishing you all the best in your new Job. Also Tell J "Happy Birthday". Have a great week-end!!!

Love and Prayers,
Morning Glory said…
Those are wonderful pictures!!

Have fun shopping and good luck with the new job on Monday.
Nadine said…
Where to start...Happy Birthday J...love the pics of your daughter and the puppy...oh may that's a lot of snow and finally...I pray that your first day will be a blessing to you.

Have a nice weekend.
Amber said…
I don't want to rub this in but it'll be 70 degrees in Colorado today.;-)

Happy birthday to J!!!!
Dawn said…
Great pix!! I hope Monday is great and that the birthday celebration will be one for sure.

I took shots of my coming up spring flowers and posted today, but I'm sure they'll be covered with a spring snow at some point, with Colorado's fickle weather.
mom of 2 said…
awww...the puppy is adorable!! and all that snow...come July I'll be wishing for some of that!!
smallchild93 said…
Awwwe Roan is such a cutie. Faith is getting so big now, man.. its been forever since I've seen you guys... but Im comming up in about a month! April 18th I'll be up with my school untill the 20th. Then im not shure whats going on. Anyways, I miss you!! So I thot I should post, that one picture of the trees is amazing.. looks like something I'd take. [I wanna be a photographer when i grow up]

Anyways Lise.. I should be going.
Love you

Dawn said…
I'm thinking of you and sending up a prayer that you'll sleep well your last night before going to work. Let us know how it goes, and maybe a picture in your new working clothes!
Elle*Bee said…
Hope you had a great first day at work. I can't wait to hear all about it!

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